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Single- vs Recurring-Text-Message Programs



In the video above, Tatango CEO Derek Johnson answers the question, β€œWhat’s the difference between recurring- and single-message programs?” Prefer to read instead? No problem. Please see the post below. You can also find answers to all your SMS marketing questions in our Q&A video library.


Single- vs Recurring-Text-Message Programs

In SMS marketing, there are two kinds of programs:

  • Single-message programs
  • Recurring-message programs


What Is a Single-Text-Message Program?

Single-message programs consist of one single message. There are no follow-up messages after the initial message is sent, and the program doesn’t collect phone numbers for future text messages. For example, a doctor’s office or hair salon might use a single-message program to send appointment reminders. Brands also use single-message programs to run a text-to-download app campaign where users can text “APP” to 12345 to receive a download link.

Tatango Text Message Appointment Reminder Example


What Is a Recurring-Text-Message Program?

In recurring-message programs, customers opt in to receive regular SMS marketing text messages. In the SMS marketing industry, recurring-message programs are the most common. Brands typically use recurring-message programs to promote product lines, distribute mobile coupons and promotions, and more.

Below is an example of an SMS alert from Express promoting an exclusive discount using a recurring-message program.


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