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Boost Your Giving Tuesday Campaign with These Text Recommendations

Giving Tuesday is an eventful giving day that kicks off the end-of-year giving season. This year, avoid the clutter of overcrowded email inboxes and connect directly with your supporters. With text fundraising, your organization can avoid the challenge of having to pay to get in front of constituents and ensure that your messages are being seen.

Text messaging is a simple and effective way to get your message across to your constituents. With a 99% open rate, your constituents are sure to open your message.

Add Text As A Communication Channel

Incorporating text messaging as a communication channel is essential for nonprofits in today’s digitally-driven landscape. Its immediacy and high engagement rates make it an unparalleled tool for reaching supporters directly and personally. Unlike emails that can go unread or social media posts that might get lost in a crowded feed, texts are almost always opened and read, often within minutes. This immediacy is critical for time-sensitive communications, such as donation drives, event updates, and volunteer coordination.

Texting also allows for two-way communication, fostering a more intimate and responsive relationship between nonprofits and their supporters. This real-time interaction not only aids in immediate engagement but also builds a foundation for long-term supporter loyalty, which is crucial for the sustained success of any nonprofit organization. By adopting text messaging, nonprofits can ensure their messages are both seen and heard in an increasingly noisy digital world.

The Solution For Giving Tuesday Communication Challenges


Add Texting To Your Digital Fundraising Toolkit In Time For Giving Tuesday

Every text is a chance to tell your organization’s story, inspire action, and make a lasting impact. Partnering with a team like Tatango offers nonprofits a significant opportunity to not only raise funds but also strengthen their community. Learn more here. 

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