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Message Showcase: Nonprofit Text Message Examples

When it comes to sending messages to new subscribers, you want to be sure that your messages are engaging, relevant, and timely. Finding a cadence that works for your organization helps build long-term relationships with supporters and donors. Sending messages that are personalized, tell a story or ask questions, and have clear calls to action are the best ways to engage subscribers. For inspiration, Tatango is showcasing a variety of useful message types below.

Text messages like these  are often used by nonprofit organizations to increase donations and further their mission. If you want to increase donations for your nonprofit, these message examples (courtesy of a fictional charity, Second Chance Sanctuary) should provide inspiration for your successful campaign.

Text #1: Welcome

Welcome Text

Why We Love this: Send a welcome message to your subscribers to communicate your mission and set expectations for your text program. This organization also included an MMS image featuring a rescue dog with the text “WELCOME”. At the end of the text, include a link that subscribers can use to learn about how they could help out.

Text #2: Cultivation

Why We Love this:
Send a cultivation message to maintain a relationship with subscribers by communicating a rescue story made possible through donor support. The message includes an image of the rescue, Benji the dog and his rescue story, and a hyperlinked call to action to encourage subscribers to read about the beginning of Benji’s journey.

Text #3: Save the Date

Save the Date Message
Why We Love this:
Promote a Giving Tuesday reminder by sending a text one week before the date. Second Chance Sanctuary used a square-sized image that featured a rescue dog and the GivingTuesday date. The text includes encouraging language like “Mark your calendars!” to create urgency and mentions that DAWGS will double donations.

Text #4: Holiday Message

Holiday Message
Why We Love this:
Send a text to your subscribers to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving! The message included a picture of one of their rescue dogs holding a “thank you card” in its mouth and a note about how thankful they are to have support. At the end of the message, they included a link to watch a video they put together and signed off the text from the team.

Text #5: Giving Tuesday: Matched Donations

Giving Tuesday - Matched DonationsWhy We Love this: On the morning of Giving Tuesday, send out a text asking your subscribers to contribute while all donations are matched up to $100,000. The organization used a square-sized image with the Giving Tuesday logo and the text “2X DONATION IMPACT!”. At the bottom of the text, they ask if the subscribers can make a special gift at the donation link.

Giving Tuesday: Countdown

Giving Tuesday - Countdown MessageWhy We Love this: With just four hours left on Giving Tuesday, Second Chance Sanctuary asked their subscribers if they could donate to help them reach their goal before midnight. To increase urgency, the organization included a four-hour countdown GIF to visually show the looming deadline. In the text, the organization used a heart to draw attention to their call-to-action, “Double my gift”.

Giving Tuesday: Thank You

Giving Tuesday - Thank You MessageWhy We Love this: The day after Giving Tuesday, send an update! The update text from Second Chance Sanctuary included a personal audio message from the president, Stanley Canil, announcing how many gifts they received and expressing his gratitude. Make sure to thank your subscribers for their support in choosing your organization for Giving Tuesday.

Let’s Raise Nonprofit SMS Donations Together!

Over the years, many nonprofits’ texting campaigns have failed because they’ve lacked a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. Currently, only 15 percent of nonprofit organizations send text messages to donors and supporters. We’d love to talk to you about how the Tatango platform can help your 501c3 or 501c4 nonprofit organization communicate with those who stand with your mission and support all the hard work your team is doing. Chat with an SMS marketing expert today.

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