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Message Showcase: Political Text Message Examples

Sending messages to welcome new campaign supporters is an important first step of a campaign subscribers’ SMS journey. Ensure that your welcome messages communicate who you are, what you do and your campaign goals. Find a cadence that works for your organization by sending regular messages to new subscribers. Build long-term relationships with constituents by sending engaging, relevant and timely messages. Personalized messages that tell a story or ask questions, and have clear calls to action are the best ways to engage subscribers. For inspiration, check out Tatango’s faux political campaign welcome series messages below.

The text messages below are often used by political campaigns, PACs and agencies to increase donations for their campaigns or organizations. If you want to raise donations for your political campaign or organization, these faux messages can provide inspiration for your successful campaign by raising record-breaking donations.

Birthday Card 

Birthday Card

Why We Love this: McDoggal for AnimalTown asked their subscribers to sign Doggie McDoggal’s birthday card for his upcoming birthday as a way to engage their subscribers. The campaign also included an MMS image featuring a birthday reminder and balloons to support the call to action. This non-donation text message helps ease donor fatigue while increasing engagement.

Get Out The Vote

Get Out The Vote
Why We Love this: McDoggal for AnimalTown sent a Get Out The Vote reminder text on Election Day. The message included an image of the candidate, Doggie McDoggal, and a call to action to encourage subscribers to find their polling place. At the bottom of the message, the text features a ballot box emoji that draws attention to the polling place link.

Donation Ask

Donation AskWhy We Love this: McDoggal for AnimalTown sent a direct donation text asking their subscribers to pitch in 5 bones or more. The campaign used a portrait-sized image that features the campaign slogan to capture the subscriber’s attention. In the text, the campaign uses encouraging language like “Let’s prove that we can win this thing” to create urgency.


EndorsementWhy We Love this: McDoggal for AnimalTown was endorsed by the Dog PAC and used the opportunity to send a text to their subscribers to ask for their endorsement. Their image announces the endorsement and asks their subscribers to donate to show their support. The text then asks its subscribers to endorse Doggie McDoggal for AnimalTown Mayor with a clear link.

Donor Call

Donor CallWhy We Love this: McDoggal for AnimalTown asked their subscribers to contribute to their campaign for the opportunity that Doggie McDoggal would call them to personally thank them for their contribution. The campaign used a portrait-sized GIF that looked like Doggie McDoggal is calling the subscriber.

Quarterly Deadline

Quaterly DeadlineWhy We Love this: The day before the campaigns first FEC filing date, McDoggal for AnimalTown sent a text to their subscribers reminding them that how much money they raise is a big deal and a test of their campaigns strength. To reinforce the deadline, the campaign included a donation percentage GIF that demonstrates that they haven’t reached their fundraising goal yet.

Wallpaper & Download

Wallpaper _ DownloadWhy We Love this: To show appreciation to their subscribers, the McDoggal for AnimalTown campaign sent a free and exclusive phone background to express their gratitude. The campaign included a portrait-sized image teasing the wallpaper that provided instructions on how to receive the download link. By using an autoresponder, subscribers could text “PHONE” to receive a text with the exclusive download link.

Merch Promotion

Merch PromotionWhy We Love this: McDoggal for AnimalTown texted their subscriber about their latest Team McDoggal Merch drop. They included an eye-catching GIF that cycled through the new merch. The campaign asked if they could send merch to the subscriber’s phone number by utilizing a phone number merge tag. At the end of the message, the campaign reminds the subscriber that every purchase of their merch fuels their campaign.

Polls & Surveys

Polls _ Surveys v.2Why We Love this: McDoggal for AnimalTown engaged their subscribers by sending a polling message asking about their opponent’s recent actions. The campaign used a phone number merge tag to personalize the message and listed three different link options corresponding to their opinion. Asking for their subscriber’s opinions helps ease donor fatigue and differentiates their content.

Milestone Donation Ask

Donation Ask 2Why We Love this: During their mid-month deadline, McDoggal for AnimalTown sent a grassroots donation update. The campaign included a direct ask if they could count on the subscriber to help them reach their goal. At the bottom of the text, the campaign used a link emoji to direct attention to the donation link.

To see this text demo in action, text DEMO to 800800.

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