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Boost Revenue & Retention For Digital Agencies

We all know that in order for your digital agency to grow, you’ll either need to:

  • 1: Get more paying clients.


  • 2: Help your existing clients reach new heights so that they happily pay you more.

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We want to give you a proven shortcut to help you with option #2

100% for free.

SMS Programs Are Becoming More Important Than Ever For Political Campaigns, And We’re Here To Make Sure Your Clients Stay Ahead Of The Curve


Think about it:

Just Ask Our Agency Partners:

These are just some of the results that many of our agency partners reported after just a few months of adding Tatango to the suite of tools they offer their clients.


“Since 99% Of Text Messages Get Opened, You Never Have To Worry About Getting Past The Email ‘Promotions Tab’ Again”

The best part is… This is 100% FREE for you. And you barely need to lift a finger to make it happen. Once we qualify your marketing agency as a company we’d like to work with…

1: We provide your clients with a custom SMS shortcode

(the 5-digit number that their texts will come from) and set up their account within the Tatango texting platform.

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 9.48.24 AM

2: We train your agency

on how to use the Tatango platform to grow a large list of subscribers for your clients, and how to engage that list for maximum results.


3: Our team of political text marketing experts becomes a part of YOUR team.

Again, this is 100% free for you.

We’re consistently in your corner to help you create opt-in pages that grow large text subscriber lists… create images / GIFs that keep text subscribers engaged… and teach you “best practices” that have helped America’s top political campaigns break donation records year-over-year. 


This is exactly how digital agencies are able to scale their own revenue without having to spend more on marketing.

Similar to strapping a super-charged turbo engine onto a racecar…

We’re offering digital agencies the opportunity to leverage 15 years of Tatango’s experience in the political texting space to help accelerate the success and donation revenue for any political client — faster & easier than ever before.

Today, we want to extend that opportunity to you.


If Your Agency Works With Political Campaigns, Candidates, And Advocacy Groups… Here’s What To Do Next:

Step 1

Click the orange button and submit a few pieces of information on the short form that pops up.

Step 2

We’ll reach out via email to either let you know that we’re not a good fit to work together, OR, to schedule a zoom meeting to discuss the opportunity further.

Step 3

If we all decide it’s a good fit, we’ll give you the opportunity to decide to work with us during that meeting so we can get started right away.

And again, whether you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – all of this is still 100% free for you.

Your agency doesn’t pay for a single thing, because our pricing model allows us to be compensated based on the amount of texts that each individual client sends.

And since many political campaigns we work with receive an average of $5 in donations for every $1 they invest in text marketing… you can see how this really is the ultimate win-win scenario for all parties.

Does all that sound good?

If so, go ahead and click the orange button here and submit your application today:

Why Do Agencies Choose To Work With Tatango Over Any Other Text Marketing Provider?


15+ years as a leader in the SMS marketing industry.

Over 10 billion text messages sent.

Tatango powers more political SMS campaigns than any other texting provider.


99% of text messages get opened.

90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes of being sent.

Over 60 million Americans communicated with via Tatango.

Return on Investment

Many clients see an average of $5 in political donations for every $1 they invest in text marketing (500% ROI)

Tatango seamlessly integrates with all political donation platforms (making it easy to calculate ROI).

More than 20% of political donations raised through SMS (and increasing in every political cycle)


78 5-Star Reviews on G2

G2 Tatango Review

38 5-Star Reviews on Capterra

Capterra Tatango Review

68 5-Star Reviews on Software Advice

Software Advice Tatango Review

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