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Tatango was founded in 2007, with the simple goal of providing easy-to-use software and industry expertise to brands. Since then, Tatango has grow into the market leader in mobile messaging, and now powers mobile campaigns for some of the most well know brands in the world.

Tatango comprises of a team of seasoned mobile messaging experts located in Seattle. Our passion at Tatango is to help agencies solve their client’s mobile messaging challenges.

Tatango’s mobile messaging experts have helped agencies launch 1,000+ successful mobile messaging campaigns in both the United States and Canada.


Award Winning Team & Software

Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your SMS marketing campaign?


Alliance of Angels is a proud investor in Tatango. Since 1997, the Alliance of Angels has invested over $100 million in more than 200 companies, including Clarisonic, DocuSign, Elemental Technologies, Geospiza, Insitu and SNAPin.

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