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How PACs and SuperPACs are Using SMS For Fundraising

How PACs and SuperPACs are Using SMS For Fundraising

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations and political campaigns, including political action committees (PACs and SuperPACs), have turned to SMS messages for their fundraising efforts. In October 2020 alone, 5 billion election-related text messages were sent.

Many Americans have received text messages from political candidates and various political organizations. But why do PACs and SuperPACs utilize SMS messages for fundraising? How do they benefit? Keep reading to learn more about PAC fundraising and SuperPAC donations and how these committees utilize SMS marketing to gather financial support.


Why Are PACs and SuperPACs Using SMS Messages for Fundraising?

According to the Federal Election Commission of the United States, PACs and SuperPACs are political committees established to gather funds and donate them to various political candidates, initiatives, and organizations.

Like many political organizations, PACs and SuperPACs have relied on traditional modes of communication such as email, phone calls, and in-person events. Most recently, they’ve had to shift their efforts to SMS messages to comply with COVID-19 safety standards. COVID-19 may have led many PAC fundraising and SuperPAC donation efforts to utilize SMS messages, but there are far more reasons to use them in addition to safety.


SMS Messaging Is Safe for PAC Fundraising and SuperPAC Donations

PAC donations and SuperPAC fundraising via SMS messaging are safe and reliable ways to communicate with supporters and committee members. SMS messages are not subject to restrictions and censorship like social media posts. As a result, PACs and SuperPACs can openly communicate about all donation-related topics with their committee members.

SMS messages create an intimate space for PAC and SuperPAC leadership to have open conversations with committee members and gather donations to support their political candidates and organizations of choice. For example, Women of America, a SuperPAC, may send the SMS message below to help boost donations and make a difference by helping more women register to vote:

Women of America: Donations like yours have helped women from all walks of life register to vote for the very first time. Help us make a difference by donating today! Donate here: bit.ly/donatetoday


SMS Messaging Is Reliable for PAC Donations and SuperPac Fundraising

PAC donations and SuperPAC fundraising via text messaging are extremely reliable ways to gather support from committee members. SMS marketing doesn’t end up in a spam folder the way some emails do, so when PAC leadership sends an SMS message for fundraising, it will land at the top of the recipient’s text message inbox.

For example, if the US Auto Dealers PAC sends an SMS message to their committee members to ask for donations, that message will appear in the same inbox as all other texts the recipient receives. See the sample below.

US Auto Dealers: Help create a better future for auto dealers nationwide by enacting change within our industry! Donate today: bit.ly/donatetoday


The Data Backs Up SMS Messaging for PAC Donations and SuperPAC Fundraising

For urgent PAC donations and SuperPAC fundraising, SMS messages are a clear choice. As we mentioned earlier, there’s no spam filter, so you can rest assured your committee members will receive your message. SMS marketing messages have a 99 percent read and open rate! Additionally, 90 percent of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent. This medium is an excellent way for PACs and SuperPACs to quickly gather funds from their committee members.

On average, our political clients have seen an ROI of $5 for every $1 they spent on SMS marketing! SMS marketing is a top choice for fast and efficient fundraising. For example, if the Southwest Credit Union PAC fundraising efforts wants to send out an urgent donation request, they know that most of their messages will be opened and read very quickly. See the example below.

Southwest Credit Union: Urgent donation request! Donate today to help ensure our members get access to PPP loans quickly. Donate here: bit.ly/donatenow


Fundraise with Tatango

Tatango is an SMS marketing software that enables organizations to communicate with their members and supporters efficiently. Our dedicated specialists are focused on PAC donations and SuperPAC fundraising and want to help you get the best ROI.

We understand every organization is different. Let’s discuss your unique fundraising goals and needs. Schedule a time to chat with an SMS marketing expert or check out our free political SMS marketing resources.

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