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The Power of Political Text Messaging in the 2020 Election [Infographic]

Text message marketing is one of the most popular channels in the political space, with candidates and political organizations sending more than 5 BILLION text messages in October 2020 alone. Below, we created an infographic illustrating the power of political SMS marketing in the 2020 election. Keep reading for some fun facts related to political text messaging during election season.

The Power of Political Text Messaging in the 2020 Election Infographic

How many political text messages were sent in October leading up to the election?

More than 5 billion political text messages (5,060,050,472 to be exact) were sent in October 2020 related to the U.S. election.

What was the most popular type of message sent?

Political organizations sent donation-related messaging most based on volume.

How many messages were about increasing voter turnout?

6 out of 10 messages were get-out-the-vote related.

Which party sent more text messages?

Republican political groups and candidates sent more than 3 billion political text messages, while democratic political groups and candidates sent nearly 2 billion political text messages.

Did candidates send political text messages after the election?

Yes, political groups and candidates sent 270 million text messages in the days following the election from November 4 to November 9.

Do recipients feel that political SMS marketing impacted their voting decisions?

37% of respondents said they felt influenced to register to vote because of political text messages.

Do recipients say they trust political text messages?

54% of respondents said they would like to see a verification system where they can confirm that a political text message is from a legitimate source. As a reminder, no brand nor political organization is legally allowed to send messages without subscribers first consenting and opting into receiving those text messages. Read more about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act as it relates to political groups and candidates.

What type of political text message did recipients like receiving most?

50% of respondents said they most enjoyed receiving a thank-you for casting their vote.

Do recipients view political text messages as personalized to them?

47% of respondents felt the political text messages they received were personalized.


As you can see, political text messaging plays an ever-increasing role in U.S. elections, helping increase voter turnout, generating donations for candidates, and communicating important information during the election season. If you’re a political candidate or organization looking to tap into the power of political SMS marketing, contact our SMS marketing experts today.

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