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The Top 4 Types of Text Messages To Increase Your Nonprofit Donations


If you’re ready to stop being dependent on end-of-month pushes or singular giving days at the end of the year and want to instead increase donations year-round with a message that gets opened 99% of the time, text messaging is the perfect channel to reach supporters on a regular basis.

Texting is the ideal channel to cultivate relationships with your supporters, which is crucial for the long-term success of your nonprofit organization. Text messaging is a powerful and efficient tool for engaging with your supporters. Nonprofit organizations can send four types of cultivation text messages to their supporters.

What types of text messages should I send my supporters?

  1. Updates and progress reports

Sending updates and progress reports to your supporters is a great way to keep them informed about your organization’s work and to show them the impact of their support. These types of messages can be sent on a regular basis, such as monthly or quarterly, and can include information about new initiatives, accomplishments, and challenges.

        2. Personalized messages

Personalized messages can be a powerful way to show your supporters that you value their individual contributions. These types of messages can be sent on special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, or simply as a way to say thank you. Personalized messages can be as simple as a personalized greeting or a more detailed note thanking the supporter for their specific contributions.

          3. Behind-the-scenes glimpses

Giving your supporters a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your organization can be a great way to build a stronger connection with them. This could include sending pictures or videos of your team at work, sharing stories about your work, or providing exclusive access to content. These types of messages can help your supporters feel more connected to your organization and more invested in your mission.

            4. Calls to action

While it’s important to focus on cultivating relationships with your supporters, it’s also important to occasionally ask for their support. Calls to action can be an effective way to do this, whether it’s a request for a donation, a request to volunteer, or a request to share information about your organization with others. It’s important to be strategic about when and how you send calls to action, and to ensure that you are respectful of your supporters’ time and resources.

Overall, text messaging can be a powerful tool for cultivating relationships with your supporters. By sending a mix of updates, personalized messages, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and calls to action, you can effectively engage with your supporters and build a stronger connection with them.

Incorporating text messaging into your donor cultivation strategy could make a big difference for your organization. If you are not using text messaging for your nonprofit organization, be sure to contact our team today to find out how texting can engage your supporters and amplify your mission. 


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