Tatango Messaging Platform

Mobile messaging for marketers, no coding required

Available Features

The following features are available on the Tatango mobile messaging platform.

Messaging Workflows

Tatango allows non-developers the ability to create virtually any type of messaging workflow they want.

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Tatango Messaging Platform -Messaging Workflows
Tatango Messaging Platform -Subscriber Segmenting

Subscriber Segmenting

Optimize your messaging with Tatango subscriber segmenting by sending specific messages to subscriber segments.

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Subscriber Analytics

Easily track subscriber trends and visually display the data with Tatango's easy-to-use responsive subscriber graphing tools.

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Tatango Messaging Platform -Subscriber Analytics
Tatango Messaging Platform -Subscriber Profiles

Subscriber Profiles

Tatango provides subscriber profiles, which gives important insights into each of your mobile subscribers.

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Merge Tags

Tatango gives you the ability to personalize each message you send to subscribers by using Tatango merge tags.

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Tatango Messaging Platform -Merge Tags
Tatango Messaging Platform -Developer API

Tatango Developer API

Use Tatango's developer API to easily integrate Tatango into any of your existing software or applications.

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Messaging Automation

Send messages based on a wide array of subscriber events, such as joining a campaign, responding to a message, etc.

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Tatango Messaging Platform -Messaging Automation
Tatango Messaging Platform -Messaging Analytics

Messaging Analytics

Tatango messaging analytics allows you to track the success of every message you send to your mobile subscribers.

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Mobile Messaging API

Use the mobile messaging API to integrate SMS, MMS and RCS messaging into any existing software or application.

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Tatango Messaging Platform -Messaging API
Tatango Messaging Platform -Administrative Controls

Administrative Controls

Grant permission to Admins, Managers, and Limited Managers based on the level of access you want them to have.

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