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Mass text message marketing has never been easier with the following Tatango features.

Messaging Workflows

Create virtually any type of text message marketing workflow that you can conceive, no coding required.

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Subscriber Segmenting

Subscriber segmenting allows you to send the right text message, to exactly the right mobile subscribers.

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Subscriber Analytics

With Tatango's easy-to-use, responsive, and web based subscriber graphing tools you can easily track subscriber trends.

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Tatango Feature - Subscriber Analytics
Tatango Feature - Subscriber Profiles

Subscriber Profiles

With extensive mobile subscriber profiles, Tatango provides important insights into each text message subscriber.

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Merge Tags

Use merge tags to personalize each text message. For example, include a subscriber's first name in each mass text message.

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Tatango Feature - Developer API

Tatango Developer API

Easily integrate Tatango's text message marketing software into any existing software or application using Tatango's API.

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Messaging Automation

Automate text messages based on a handful of events, such as when someone joins a campaign, or responds to a message, etc.

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Tatango Messaging Platform -Messaging Automation
Tatango Feature - Messaging Analytics

Messaging Analytics

Track the success of every mass text message you send to subscribers using Tatango's messaging analytics dashboard.

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Mobile Messaging API

Use the Tatango text message API to integrate mobile messaging into any existing software or application.

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Tatango Messaging Platform -Subscriber Analytics
Tatango Messaging Platform -Administrative Controls

Administrative Controls

Tatango gives your organization complete control of who has access to the account, and how and what they can do.

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Tatango Integrations

Tatango integrates with all of the 20+ top email marketing and CRM software providers currently on the market.

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