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Use Segmentation In Your Text-To-Give Fundraising For Higher ROI

People give to the causes and campaigns they care about. Your nonprofit is driven by the generous donations of your supporters. End-of-year giving, including Giving Tuesday, is a key time for achieving fundraising goals. Giving Tuesday is coming up soon and as the texting partner for top nonprofits such as March of Dimes, Alzheimer’s Association, USO, and others, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to driving donations for Giving Tuesday. 

While Giving Tuesday may seem like it’s a long way off, it’s time to start planning now.  Donations made on Giving Tuesday (both the days leading up to it and after) can resonate more powerfully if your messages speak directly to each supporter. Using segmentation within your text campaigns, your nonprofit can cater to individual supporters, elevating both supporter involvement and return on investment.

In the days before digital fundraising took center stage, capturing a supporter’s complete name was a feat. However, with the increasingly connected world, supporters want to be involved digitally and are able to opt-in to a nonprofit’s communications easily. This has opened doors, allowing nonprofits to catalog supporters based on attributes like past donations or demographics – be it as a donor, team member, or volunteer.

Segmentation lets your organization effortlessly craft personalized touchpoints.


Using Segmentation in Text Messages For Giving Tuesday

Nonprofits are looking for an innovative and cost-effective tool to engage directly with their constituents. Traditional promotion avenues like print ads, TV spots, social media posts, and e-mail don’t wield the same influence as in prior years. Text campaigns stand out, offering unparalleled reach and effectiveness. An astounding 90% of texts are viewed within the initial three minutes of delivery, and text messages have a 99% open rate, making it an unmatched medium for instantaneous outreach.

Considering 97% of Americans are cellphone owners, it’s evident that text campaigns are here to stay, enabling deeper, more engaging, direct connections than platforms like social media, e-newsletters, or mainstream advertisements.

Segmenting Your Text List Drive for Giving Tuesday

Segmentation is pivotal in your text outreach, especially during Giving Tuesday. We’ve got three ways you can use segmentation to increase your communications with text fundraising (also known as text-to-give or broadcast messages) and maximize donations around Giving Tuesday. 

  1. Distinguishing Active vs. Inactive Audiences
    Tatango’s analytics can offer insights into your text campaign’s audience behavior. While it might seem tempting to solely engage active supporters, neglecting the inactive ones, especially on a day as universal as Giving Tuesday, could be a missed opportunity. Depending on how you segment, an “active” audience could mean several different things – active donors, actively clicking on messages, etc. If you want to segment by donors, you might use recent donors versus lapsed donors, which is a very common nonprofit segment. If you’re segmenting by clicks and wanting to distinguish active vs. inactive, you could segment by recently clicked versus those who clicked longer out.
  2. Geographical Tailoring
    Using metrics like zip codes, states, or time zones, geotargeting can make your Giving Tuesday outreach more localized, making messages resonate more with supporters’ local concerns. Tatango’s platform allows you to segment by zip code or state. Sending messages based on time zones ensures the message aligns perfectly with related events or drives. With Tatango, you can send your campaign to each timezone at a specific local time. For example, you could send your campaign to all time zones at 4 PM in their local time zone.
  3. Duration of Support
    Rather than focusing on the age of donors, consider the longevity of their support. Tailoring your content based on a supporter’s tenure can foster a deeper sense of connection, boosting trust for newcomers and reaffirming faith for seasoned supporters.


Integrate Tatango in Your Fundraising Efforts

Worried about how to navigate Giving Tuesday and SMS/MMS marketing? Let Tatango simplify it for you. Connect with our text marketing mavens today to integrate Tatango into your promotional mix and resolve any queries.


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