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Text Messages Examples from SMS Fundraising to Inspire Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Three Text Messages Examples from SMS Fundraising to Inspire Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Giving Tuesday, a global movement that aims to inspire generosity, is an excellent opportunity to energize supporters of your organization’s cause and reach year-end fundraising goals. Observed annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, this year, Giving Tuesday is November 29.

Keep reading to see three text message examples you can apply to your Giving Tuesday campaign to inspire your messaging and drive support for your cause. 

How Your Giving Tuesday Campaign Can Benefit from SMS and MMS Text Messaging

SMS text message marketing can reach thousands or even millions of people at once. Text messages boast an open rate of 99%, and 78% of consumers say it’s the fastest way to reach them. In fact, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received. In comparison, email has an average open rate of just 22% and an even lower average click-through rate of 2.91%. With that kind of reach and deliverability, it’s the perfect channel for sharing time-sensitive appeals to boost your Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts. 

SMS can help you communicate quickly and directly, so you can highlight time-sensitive issues and foster personal connections with your supporters. Segmentation allows you to further dial in your campaign with messages tailored for individual recipients and specific groups such as volunteers, donors, or supporters.

Innovative text messaging technology provides flexibility and efficiency and helps make your fundraising campaign more effective. Unlike other communication methods, text message marketing can help you reach more people and raise more money in less time without sacrificing the quality of your message. People often don’t see social media posts, skip commercials, and tune out traditional marketing channels. SMS text message marketing is one of the best ways to avoid these roadblocks and get your message through to supporters. 

Three Text Message Examples to Inspire Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

  1. Before Giving Tuesday: Save The Date

    In the weeks and days leading to Giving Tuesday, let your supporters know you’re participating in this global event and tell them you’ll soon share how they can donate.

  2. On Giving Tuesday: How To Give

    Donating should be easy as possible for your supporters. Simplify the donation process by texting a direct link to the donation landing page on your website, or make it even easier with a text-to-give fundraising campaign.

    A text-to-give option combined with a fundraising platform is a powerful way to help you easily raise record donations on Giving Tuesday. With SMS text messaging and text-to-give, supporters can donate with just a click or a tap.

  3. After Giving Tuesday: Thank You and A Recap

    In the world of fundraising, you can’t say “thank you” enough. After Giving Tuesday, make sure to thank supporters for their generosity. Along with your message of gratitude, share how much they helped raise and the impact the funds will have towards reaching your goals and furthering your organization’s cause.

Giving Tuesday is a great year-end opportunity to hit your goals. Use these three text message examples as a starting point when creating your Giving Tuesday messaging to help simplify your fundraising efforts.

Add Tatango to Your Giving Tuesday Campaign 

SMS and MMS text message marketing are essential for fundraising. To learn more about how to maximize your Giving Tuesday potential, contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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