SMS Marketing Statistics

78% of Consumers Believe SMS is Fastest Way to Reach Them

SMS Marketing Speed Statistics

Ever wonder what communication method consumers think is the fastest way to reach them? Well we always had a hunch it was text messaging, as 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes, we never really heard directly from the consumers.

Now thanks to our good friends at Vibes, we have the data needed to say that text messaging is by far the fastest way to reach a consumer, and that’s directly taken from a survey asking consumers which communication method was the fastest to reach them through. As reported in their Transactional Messaging Consumer Report 2016, 78% of consumers said text messaging is a “fast” communication method, higher than sending an email to a mobile phone, a push notification, or even sending an email to a consumer’s computer or tablet device. How much faster? Below are the percentage of consumers surveyed that said the communication channel was a fast method to reach them.

  • Text Message – 78%
  • Email on Mobile Phone – 48%
  • Push Notification on Mobile Phone – 32%
  • Email on Computer or Tablet – 27%

Want more text messaging statistics from the Transactional Messaging Consumer Report 2016? Check out the following two blog posts on the Tatango blog.

Transactional Messaging Consumer Report 2016: The data above was taken from a survey completed by Vibes, in partnership with Equation Research between the dates of March 3, 2016 and March 7, 2016. The survey had 1,001 participants, and included a 5-minute online quantitative survey via email.

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