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3 Useful Tools For Nonprofits to Raise More Donations by the End of the Month

3 Useful Tools For Nonprofits to Raise More Donations by the End of the Month
Text message marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways for nonprofits to raise donations and engage with supporters. Research shows around 97% of Americans own a mobile phone. It’s no coincidence that SMS fundraising is a rising trend, with more than 20% of donations coming from text messaging. With a direct link to your fundraising platform, supporters can donate in just a few taps on their phone screen.   

In this blog, we share why nonprofits should use SMS marketing and some examples of the messages they can use to raise more donations by the end of the month.


Why Nonprofits Should Use Text Message Marketing 

The way nonprofits raise donations and how they communicate with supporters continues to evolve. Decades ago, collecting donations in person was one of the most common fundraising methods. Nonprofit organizations would pour a lot of energy, time, and money hosting fundraising events to meet their goals. But in recent years, limited budgets and reduced event capacity have made it increasingly difficult for most nonprofits to raise enough money to sustain their organizations. Discovering more accurate and user-friendly possibilities to attract donors has become essential to continue operating. 

3 Useful Tools For Nonprofits to Raise More Donations by the End of the Month

Luckily, online fundraising platforms and other technologies help solve this problem. Marketing tools such as SMS messaging make it easier to raise donations. With the click of a button, you can reach thousands of people, and even your least tech-savvy patrons can quickly and easily donate. Your nonprofit or mission-driven organization can raise an unlimited number of donations to reach your fundraising goals with SMS text fundraising. 

Partnering with an SMS software provider experienced in the nonprofit sector, like Tatango, will help you make the most of your nonprofit fundraising. For over 14 years, Tatango has been the industry leader in helping top nonprofit organizations in the United States raise more donations and connect with their supporters through SMS message marketing. Since our founding, Tatango has helped organizations raise over $400 million in donations through text message campaigns.

3 Useful Tools For Nonprofits to Raise More Donations by the End of the Month


3 Ways to Increase Your Donations

Here are three ways your nonprofit can use SMS messages to increase donations and reach your fundraising goals.


1. Text-to-Give Campaigns

A text-to-give campaign is a mobile fundraising method that allows supporters to donate via text message. Text-to-give is an attractive strategy because it’s so easy to implement. These campaigns walk supporters step-by-step through the donation process, significantly boosting donor conversion. With Tatango, your donors can send a keyword such as “GIVE” to your nonprofit’s short code and receive a direct link to an integrated fundraising platform where they can donate. It’s that simple! 

Furthermore, you can dramatically increase donations by adding captivating media content and using a mix of text formatting in your text messages. Data shows that SMS campaigns that contain media content such as images, videos, and GIFs increase user engagement by 300%. Undoubtedly, eye-catching media content is more engaging than plain-text messages. According to Wharton School of Business, when nonprofit organizations want to raise donations for charitable causes, appealing to the heart instead of the head helps drive more funds.

A text-to-give message could look like this:

3 Useful Tools For Nonprofits to Raise More Donations by the End of the Month


2. Follow-Up and Thank-You Text Messages

If your nonprofit frequently launches fundraising campaigns, it’s crucial to retain your current audience and donors who will continue supporting your cause. Following up with supporters after an event and thanking them for their donation is just as important as texting them before. 

Tatango’s messaging automation feature simplifies relationship-building with automatic follow-up and thank-you text messages after an event. And with our merge tags functionality, you can personalize messages to show supporters you value them. For example, add their first name to a text message to send a personalized birthday greeting on their special day. 

Follow-up messages can include:

  • MMS content with event highlights, inspiring moments, or thank-you quotes
  • An event follow-up with a direct link to donate to your cause
  • A survey requesting feedback

3 Useful Tools For Nonprofits to Raise More Donations by the End of the Month


3.  Invitations to Meet-Ups and Events

Many supporters are busy, resulting in low event sign-ups and attendance. Invitations and reminders can help boost attendance and engagement. Text messages are a great way to invite supporters to register for upcoming events and collect important information to follow up later with an invitation to donate. 

Although many events have now moved to online platforms, people still want personalized experiences. In fact, according to a study, 80% of consumers are more like to take action when they’re offered personalized experiences. Personalization is very effective for getting your supporters’ attention and gaining their trust. Maximize your reminders and invitations by adding your subscribers’ first names to the messages.

3 Useful Tools For Nonprofits to Raise More Donations by the End of the Month


Let’s Boost Your Donations Together

There are endless ways for your nonprofit organization to use SMS message marketing. These strategies will help you collect donations more efficiently, gain more subscribers, and increase supporter loyalty. If you’re ready to raise more donations and meet—and exceed— your nonprofit’s fundraising goals, let’s talk.

Tatango is the right partner for you. We’ve made it our mission to provide the best software for nonprofit text messaging. Schedule some time to talk to an SMS marketing expert and learn more, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more insider tips about nonprofit SMS marketing and fundraising.

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