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Three Common Objections to a Giving Tuesday Campaign (and How to Overcome Them)

Three Common Objections to a Giving Tuesday Campaign

Observed on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for nonprofits to reach their end-of-year fundraising goals and for donors to support their favorite causes as part of a global generosity movement. Despite the positive intention behind this initiative, encountering some objections about Giving Tuesday is not uncommon.

Giving Tuesday was established in 2012. While many organizations look forward to it and participate every year, some people are still unfamiliar with this event and understandably have reservations about getting involved. Giving Tuesday has a lot to offer nonprofit organizations and their supporters, and it’s a fundraising opportunity your nonprofit should not miss.

Why Use SMS and MMS Text Messaging for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign?

SMS text message marketing stands apart from traditional marketing methods such as direct mailers, commercials, emails, and social media. The average open rate for email newsletters is only 22.71%, and the 2.91% average click-through rate is even more dismal. In contrast, SMS and MMS text messages boast impressive numbers. For example, 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them.

The flexibility and efficiency of text message marketing can help you boost productivity and raise more funds in less time without sacrificing the quality of your message. Text message marketing can effectively reach thousands or even millions of customers at once. In October 2020 alone, over 5 billion text messages were sent. An additional 270 million went out in the days following the election. 

Text messages are the perfect channel for marketers to share time-sensitive promotions or information. In fact, more than 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received, which makes it a powerful tool to add to your campaign and reach subscribers.

SMS and MMS marketing have the added benefit of fostering a personal connection between a campaign and its subscribers. Sending a text message directly connects with each recipient, unlike social media, where everyone sees the same message. Using segmentation campaigns can create individual lists for specific groups of subscribers, such as volunteers, donors, and supporters. Campaigns can then use these tailored lists to message people based on details like their location, interests, and past donations. SMS helps campaigns communicate faster and directly, so they can focus on time-sensitive issues while raising funds to advance their case.

Three Common Objections to a Giving Tuesday Campaign 

If you’re experiencing any or all three of these common objections, here’s how to respond and overcome them.

  1. My Donors Aren’t Receptive to a Giving Tuesday Campaign!

    Some donors might see Giving Tuesday as a gimmick–it does, after all, follow Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. But while the Friday, Saturday, and Monday leading up to Tuesday are all about consumerism, Giving Tuesday is about, well, giving. Your donors may buy cheap Xanax feel like their bank account is being pulled in multiple directions in those days following Thanksgiving, so it’s essential to get to the core purpose of Giving Tuesday: a celebration of humanity and generosity around the world. “Giving” isn’t limited to money. Give donors options to participate and support in other ways that benefit your cause, such as by sharing your cause or the Giving Tuesday donation link on social media to help you reach more people.

  2. Giving Tuesday Is Too Close to End-Of-Year Appeals!

    Giving Tuesday is near the end of November, and your end-of-year appeals are likely already–or about to be–in full swing. You may be worried that yet another fundraiser doesn’t fit into your fundraising plans. But because Giving Tuesday is always the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, it’s a fundraiser you can plan at the beginning of the year and work into your end-of-year appeals.

    If you’ve already planned your end-of-year appeals, think of Giving Tuesday as an opportunity for you to give back to your supporters. Show your appreciation with a heartfelt message, a behind-the-scenes look, or something special to thank your supporters for all their help throughout the year.

  3. We Don’t Have the Time or Resources to Prioritize Giving Tuesday!

    Marketing and fundraising efforts used to require an entire team and a lot of time. But with the right tools, like the Tatango platform, all it takes is one person. Even if you’re just one person, you can build a donation-generating machine using text marketing. Automation and scheduling capabilities will help increase efficiency, visibility, and donor output, so you can focus your time on efforts that most benefit your cause or campaign. 

Add Tatango to Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Every marketing manager should add SMS and MMS text message marketing to their toolbox to maximize returns on their campaigns and stand apart from their competition. Whether or not you participate in Giving Tuesday, rest assured you don’t have to do it alone. The team of experts at Tantago is ready to help with your fundraising efforts. To learn more, contact our text message marketing experts today!

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