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Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Use SMS for Giving Tuesday

3 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Use SMS for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is November 29 this year, and it’s a great opportunity to host a special fundraising campaign for your organization. Since 2012, this global movement has brought people together to share love and generosity in their communities. ​​In 2021 alone, nonprofits raised over $2.5 billion on Giving Tuesday.

With over two-thirds of the world’s population owning smartphones, SMS text messaging will make it nearly effortless to connect with your supporters and make the most of your Giving Tuesday fundraiser.

The Benefits of SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS text message marketing can effectively reach thousands or even millions of people at once, unlike traditional methods like phone calls and marketing emails, which take more time, require more manual work, and have unimpressive engagement rates. 

The numbers don’t lie—more than ever, SMS text messaging is vital to nonprofit fundraising campaigns. The average open rate for email newsletters is only 22.71%, and the average click-through rate tops out at 2.91%. Compared with open and click-through rates for SMS and MMS text message marketing, it’s clear which method delivers the best results. With SMS text messaging, nonprofits can connect with supporters using text, images, and clickable links. Organizations working with Tatango receive an average of $5 for every $1 invested in text message marketing

Keep reading to learn how your nonprofit team can get the most out of SMS text messaging on Giving Tuesday.

Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Use SMS Text Messaging for Giving Tuesday

There has never been a more direct and effective line of communication for marketing than SMS text messaging. If you still need more convincing, here are three more reasons why SMS is the perfect platform for your upcoming Giving Tuesday campaign.

  1. Reach Your Audience Quickly and Directly

    Reaching potential supporters and donors can be challenging. Emails may end up in the spam folder, and phone calls often go to voicemail. A recent survey revealed that 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them. In addition, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received. With SMS marketing, it’s possible to reach thousands or even millions of customers at once, and on Giving Tuesday, you can’t afford to miss out on those numbers.

  2.  Automate Your Campaign

    Make your job (and life) a little bit easier by automating your messaging. With the Tatango platform, you can draft and schedule all your messages ahead of time.
    If you want to add graphics or delegate image creation, the Tatango Design Studio is a free service for our clients. We can help you create eye-catching images, GIFs, and MMS messages based on your goals. You don’t need a pricy design team or a large graphics studio when you partner with Tatango.

  3. Offer the Convenience of Text-to-Give

    Using text-to-give with a fundraising platform is a powerful way to help you quickly raise record donations on Giving Tuesday. With SMS text messaging and text-to-give, collecting donations has never been easier for donors and your organization.

    Watch this video to become a text-to-give pro:

Add Tatango to Your Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

Jumpstart your Giving Tuesday campaign with a text-to-give platform and maximize your donation potential with SMS fundraising. Tatango saves you time and money, seamlessly integrating with all fundraising software so you can do everything in one place without switching between platforms. To learn more about other ways to elevate your SMS marketing workflow, contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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