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Five Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Successful Giving Tuesday SMS Campaign

Five Do's and Don’ts of Planning a Successful Giving Tuesday SMS Campaign

Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving and generosity—and one of the biggest fundraising days of the year for nonprofits—is right around the corner. As you start planning your SMS campaign, keep in mind some do’s and don’ts to ensure success.

What’s Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an annual worldwide movement that takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It was started in 2012 as a day to celebrate generosity and goodwill and encourage people to do good in their communities. This year, Giving Tuesday is November 29.

Why Use SMS Text Message Marketing for Giving Tuesday?

You’ve probably tried other electronic fundraising methods, such as email and social media, and noticed diminishing returns. Emails go unopened for days or end up in the junk folder, and the algorithms powering popular social media platforms only show your message to a paltry 5% of your audience. If you’re thinking there has to be a better way, you’re right.

Among the strategies and tools in your fundraising toolbox, the SMS text-to-give platform is essential. In fact, 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them compared to emails, phone calls, and other traditional communication and promotion methods. For example, the average open rate for email is only about 22.71%, and its average click-through rate is an abysmally low 2.91%. In contrast, more than 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received, making text messaging a powerful tool for reaching subscribers. Because SMS has the highest open rate of any communication vehicle, text-to-give is an impressive fundraising tool.

In addition to quick and effective fundraising, SMS and MMS marketing are excellent for fostering a personal connection between nonprofits and supporters. Text messages directly connect the organization with each recipient, unlike social media posts, where everyone sees the same message (if they see it at all). Segmentation allows organizations to create individual lists for specific groups of subscribers, such as volunteers, donors, and supporters, and use those customized lists to message people based on details such as their location, interests, and past donations. 

SMS helps organizations communicate faster and more directly, so they can focus on time-sensitive issues while raising funds to advance their cause. It’s one of the most efficient and cost-effective fundraising tools available today. Supporters can stay engaged with your organization and easily donate within seconds using a device they always have nearby. This direct connection can significantly impact the success of your campaign and your supporters’ sense of connection to your organization.

Five Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Successful Giving Tuesday SMS Campaign

Follow these five guidelines, and you’ll be off to a great start toward a successful Giving Tuesday!

  1. Do Follow Your Brand

    You’ve worked hard to develop your nonprofit’s brand, and though this fundraising opportunity falls under the global umbrella of Giving Tuesday, you shouldn’t sacrifice your identity.

    Use your logo, fonts, colors, and graphics on your Giving Tuesday donation landing page so your audience can immediately recognize you and your cause.The Tatango Design Studio is a free service available to our clients.

    Our design experts create compelling media for organizations to include GIFs, videos, images, and even audio files in their text messages. You can work with the Tatango Design Studio to enhance your text messages with eye-catching media that supports the goals of your Giving Tuesday campaign.

  1. Don’t Write A Novel

    It’s a mistake to think more information is better—as with so many things, less is more. Your supporters can easily become overwhelmed with information when all they’re trying to do is give. You don’t need to include your organization’s founding story on the donation page, especially if that information is already on your website.

    Donors who want more information will seek it out. Limit the text on your donation page to a few sentences that get right to the point.

  1. Do Simplify The Donor Experience

    Customize your donation form and SMS text message to simplify the donor experience. Include options for pre-selected donation amounts, suggested donations, recurring gift donations, and payment methods.

  1. Don’t Clutter Your Donation Page

    Your donation page should be about collecting donations, nothing more. A donation page cluttered with content and multiple calls to action may be overwhelming and prevent supporters from completing a donation. Keep your message simple and include a single, clear call to action.

  2. Do Give Your Donation Experience a Test Drive

    Take your donation form or text-to-give process on a test drive before Giving Tuesday to ensure everything works as expected. And remember to test the experience across multiple browsers and devices. A test drive will help you find and remediate any bugs or other challenges before your supporters run into them.

These top do’s and don’ts will give you a solid head start as you plan your Giving Tuesday SMS campaign. And with Tatango as a partner, you don’t have to do it alone.

Add Tatango to Your Fundraising Workflow

Jump-start your Giving Tuesday campaign with a text-to-give platform and maximize your donation potential. To get started or learn about more ways to elevate your SMS marketing workflow, contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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