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How to Launch an SMS Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Campaign

How to Launch an SMS Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Campaign

Running a matching gift campaign as part of your Giving Tuesday fundraising can double the donations you bring in. Over 84% of donors say they’re more likely to give if there’s a matching gift.

Benefits of SMS For Your Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Campaign

Reaching potential supporters and donors through traditional methods, such as email and phone calls, is increasingly challenging. Emails often go unread or get filtered to the spam folder, and most people don’t even answer calls from unknown numbers. People have a lot going on these days and want to get things done quickly and easily. Successful fundraising gets to the point and provides a simple way for people to give. 

Thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of modern marketing technology, fundraising campaigns can raise more money faster than ever without sacrificing message quality. If your supporters are missing your social media posts, skipping your ads, and tuning out your attempts to reach them through traditional marketing channels, SMS text messaging is your solution. 

More than 5 billion political text messages were sent in October 2020 alone, followed by an additional 270 million in the days right after the election. About 78% of consumers prefer SMS and say it’s the fastest way to reach them. In fact, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received. When you need to share time-sensitive promotions or information, such as an invitation to donate on Giving Tuesday, SMS marketing makes it possible to quickly reach thousands or even millions of supporters at once.

Three Ways to Launch an SMS Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Campaign

Keep three things in mind as you prepare to launch a successful Giving Tuesday matching gift campaign, and you’re sure to reach your goals before the end of the year.

  1. Create Specific, Branded Messaging

    Giving Tuesday is a global movement. If you’re planning to participate with your nonprofit, creating Giving Tuesday-specific visuals that align with your organization’s brand is a critical first step. Use the Giving Tuesday logo to promote your fundraising event. 

    The distinct look will catch your supporters’ attention so you can promote your fundraising event and matching gift campaign and tell them about the benefits.

    Remember: a matching gift campaign helps your donor’s gift go further because their employer can match (or double) it.

  2. Set and Share Giving Goals

    Once your organization has defined its fundraising goal, share that goal with your supporters as you promote your Giving Tuesday matching gift campaign. Publicly announcing your goal energizes supporters to help you reach that milestone, much like the thermometer visual often used in telethons to show progress toward the event’s fundraising goal. 

    With a matching gift campaign, your supporters know their donation amount will go further and help you reach your goal faster. It’s a win-win situation!

  3. Make It Effortless

    Incorporate the opportunity for your supporters to submit for a matching gift directly within the donation experience when engagement with your audience is at its peak.

    Make sure you’re promoting your matching gift campaign on your donation and confirmation pages, two prime locations.

    When a supporter is entering their information on your donation page, that’s a perfect time to remind them about the matching gift opportunity and ask them to provide their employer’s details.

    Remember to mention your matching gift campaign again as you thank a supporter for their generosity. Encourage them to double their donations with a match from their employer. Go a step further and include the links directly to their employer’s matching gift request forms, if that information is available. Your supporters are more likely to participate when it’s that easy.

Combine Giving Tuesday with a matching gift campaign, and you’re well on your way toward bringing in record-breaking donations and reaching your year-end goals.

Start Your Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Campaign Today

Every campaign manager should add SMS and MMS text message marketing to their toolbox to see a significant increase in fundraising, especially with a yearly opportunity like Giving Tuesday. Learn how Tatango can help elevate your organization’s SMS marketing campaign—contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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