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The Giving Tuesday Checklist You Need To Achieve Fundraising Success

Giving Tuesday has become a global movement celebrating generosity and kindness by encouraging people to do good. Falling right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this day offers nonprofits an ideal platform to engage with their constituents for year-end fundraising initiatives. Achieving fundraising success, however, requires meticulous planning and strategic execution. 

To ensure your Giving Tuesday campaign is primed for success, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist for you. These five simple components of the Giving Tuesday checklist will make your campaign a success and help you achieve your fundraising goals.


  1. Define Clear Objectives

For nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, Giving Tuesday is an integral part of their fundraising goals. Because of that, you’ll want to ensure that your strategy and metrics are clear and achievable. Begin with the end in mind. Determine what you want to achieve on Giving Tuesday. What type of goals do you want to achieve for your Giving Tuesday campaign? 

  • Financial Goals: Set a clear fundraising target.
  • Engagement Goals: Aim for a specific number of new donors, recurring donors, or volunteers.
  • Awareness Goals: Decide on metrics like social media impressions, shares, or website visits.

Pro Tip: After Giving Tuesday, take the time to evaluate the results. Use the learnings from your Giving Tuesday to analyze and improve for subsequent campaigns. Use the right tools to analyze donations, donor demographics, and engagement metrics. Soliciting feedback in the form of a survey from donors and team members can also help to identify areas of improvement. Finally, be sure to celebrate your achievements and share the results with your supporters, highlighting the impact of their contribution.


  1. Craft Your Story

Your story is the heart of your campaign. All nonprofits have a story to share whether it be testimonials, how their nonprofit impacts the people they serve, or how their supporters are helping advance their cause, your organization’s story is a key component of your Giving Tuesday campaign. Here are a few ways you could share your story in a clear and compelling way.

  • Narrative: Share the mission of your nonprofit and the impact of previous donations.
  • Multimedia: Enhance your story with compelling photos, videos, and testimonials.
  • Urgency: Convey the importance of Giving Tuesday as a day of collective generosity. 
  1. Set Up a Dedicated Giving Tuesday Landing Page

You know that your website and donation page are crucial to receiving donations. Streamline the donation process by creating a user-friendly landing page for Giving Tuesday. And because 46% of Americans spend five to six hours on their phones per day, be sure that your donation page is optimized for mobile devices.

The most engaging and compelling donation pages utilize a clear call to action such as “Donate Now”, “Get Involved”, or “Take Action”. Whatever call to action your organization uses, ensure that your donation buttons are prominent on your site. 

Another way to encourage action and donations is to include testimonials. Success stories or quotes from those impacted by your organization can reinforce your message and encourage one-time donations, or events, turning one-time donors into recurring donors.


  1. Use Text Messaging Designed for Nonprofits

In an age of digital distraction, texting is immediate, personal, and direct. 73% of adult cell owners use the text messaging function on their phones, sending or receiving an average of 41.5 text messages per day.  Those statistics highlight the ubiquity of cell phones and the way this innovative communication can positively impact your nonprofit.

Because text messages have a 99% open rate, your organization can engage your supporters directly, in a way that matters and is familiar to them. 

Texting is a conversation though, and nonprofits must cultivate long-term relationships with their constituents on this communications platform. For best results, don’t just send a single donation ask text on Giving Tuesday, engage with supporters throughout November (and into the year-end giving season). Here are just a few ways you can cultivate sustainable relationships with your supporters and increase donations on Giving Tuesday: 

  • Announcement Texts: Alert your subscriber base about Giving Tuesday in advance.
  • Donation Links: Embed direct links to your donation page in texts.
  • Personalized Messages: Address donors by name and thank them for past contributions.
  • Real-time Updates: Share hourly/daily progress towards your fundraising goal to instill a sense of urgency.
  • Post-Event Gratitude: A simple “Thank You” text can make donors feel valued and appreciated.

Building a new subscriber list from new donors is important, but don’t forget to engage with recurring donors. Consider sending them special messages, recognizing and thanking them for their sustained support.

Pro Tip: Since your organization is undoubtedly using planning email campaigns, you can easily cross-promote your emails and text messages on both channels, increasing your chances of being seen and engaged with by your supporters.  Send pre-event announcements, Giving Tuesday countdowns, or a thank you message after supporters donate.


  1. Optimize Your Social Media Presence

    Nonprofits know the power of social media in a connected world. From GenZ to Boomers and every demographic in between, people are using social media on a daily, if not hourly basis. These tips will help your nonprofit stand out on Giving Tuesday and beyond. 

  • Unified Hashtags: Adopt the #GivingTuesday hashtag and create a unique one for your campaign.
  • Engaging Content: Use visuals, stories, and stats to engage followers.
  • Challenges and Matches: Encourage participation by introducing donor matching or social media challenges.

Giving Tuesday is a crucial opportunity for nonprofits to drive donations, raise awareness, and build stronger relationships with their communities. While the checklist provides a strategic roadmap, the most crucial aspect is genuine engagement. Whether through texting, social media, or other communication channels make sure every interaction resonates with authenticity, gratitude, and and a deep-seated commitment to your cause. Remember, Giving Tuesday isn’t just about donations; it’s about fostering a culture of generosity and community.

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