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3 Surprising Ways to Ask for Donations with SMS Fundraising

3 Surprising Ways to Ask for Donations with SMS Fundraising

With 66% of Americans checking their phones nearly 160 times per day and 46% checking them even before getting out of bed, it isn’t surprising that text messages have a 209% higher response rate than social media posts or emails. In today’s fast-paced environment, digital marketing tools are constantly evolving, and this response rate is why SMS text message marketing can be essential for nonprofit organizations in their fundraising campaigns. 

Text message marketing can effectively reach more people at once, creating the perfect channel for nonprofits to share time-sensitive information. More than 90% of messages are opened within three minutes of receipt, and the text messaging click-through rate (CTR) is 9.18% higher than other marketing channels. Additionally, SMS marketing fosters a more personal connection between nonprofits and their supporters, allowing them to do more (and raise more money) in less time. 

Keep reading to learn about three ways to ask your text message recipients for donations. 

1. Show How a Donation Will Make an Impact

Why should someone donate money to your organization instead of another? No matter how important your organization’s work is, your supporters and donors will act more emotionally than rationally

The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign is to appeal to your supporters’ hearts. Pick a specific area where you can create an immediate need for support, and be sure to share the impact of those donations. For example, a local animal shelter might focus on the damage caused and pets frightened by recent severe windstorms, not the shelter’s general mission statement. 

MMS Message from nonprofit organization showing image/GIF of animals or storms

Multimedia messages (MMS) can also help explain your message’s urgency using photos, videos, and GIFs to tell your story in more captivating ways. Show your subscribers who or what their donations support, or include a behind-the-scenes look at your organization’s members volunteering at an event. Nonprofits that include MMS content in their campaigns have achieved a 6,000% increase in ROI; a picture is worth a thousand words, after all. 

2. Segment Subscribers to Personalize Your Messages

Personalizing messages is one of the most effective strategies to keep your supporters informed and involved. Some of the top benefits of personalization include a better customer experience, improved brand perception, and increased conversion rates. It’s vital to your SMS marketing campaign to segment your audience so you can provide more value for their support through personalization. 

When building your opt-in method, collect additional information about your subscribers, including their time zone, zip code, donations status, birthday, and interests. Use that information to segment your list, then craft tailored text messages, offers, and promotions to get your supporters’ attention and gain their trust. Use Tatango’s merge tags to insert your donors’ first names into messages, ensuring they feel seen and appreciated for supporting your cause. Just imagine how much more connected to your cause subscribers will feel when every message they open greets them by name. 

MMS Message from nonprofit organization

3. Ask for a Specific Dollar Amount to Remove Decision Fatigue 

Clear and concise messaging is the best way to get the most out of your SMS message campaign. If your donation process isn’t streamlined from start to finish, you risk losing donors due to confusion, frustration, or even decision fatigue. According to the AMA, the average person makes over 35,000 decisions before going to bed each day. Mental overload can leave them feeling drained and exhausted rather than energized to help others.

One of the easiest ways to raise funds is to ask for exactly what you need. Help subscribers avoid decision fatigue by asking them to donate a specific amount. Then use a call to action (CTA) to tell them where to donate. A message that says, “Donate $10 now to support relief efforts” and includes a link to your donation page creates a sense of urgency and guides supporters without confusing steps or risk of decision fatigue. 

MMS Message from nonprofit organization

Partner with SMS Fundraising Experts

Currently, only 15% of nonprofit organizations send text messages to potential donors, but nonprofit supporters are more passionate about helping the causes they love. 

There’s no need to fear the addition of SMS and MMS marketing to your fundraising journey, especially when you’re working with Tatango. Our team of experts has more than 14 years of experience helping nonprofits meet their fundraising goals, and our clients routinely report a five-to-one ROI. 

Contact our SMS fundraising experts today to take advantage of the Tatango platform and its exclusive benefits.

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