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Roundup: The Top Nonprofit Text Messages of 2023

As we reflect on 2023, it’s evident that technology and innovation have profoundly influenced the nonprofit world. This year, one innovative trend in the nonprofit sector has been the effective use of text fundraising. These campaigns have emerged as powerful tools in fundraising, offering an unparalleled ability to engage constituents directly,  evoke emotion, and drive fundraising. As a leader in nonprofit text fundraising, this blog post dives into the insights gathered from our analysis of 100 of the most successful text campaigns that ran between December 2022 and June 2023. To increase your end-of-year fundraising in 2023 and encourage consistent and recurring donations into 2024, we will explore what makes these campaigns work and how they can be leveraged to maximize nonprofit fundraising efforts.

The Adoption of Nonprofit Text Messaging Services

Nonprofits across various sectors have embraced text fundraising due to its universal appeal and effectiveness in reaching diverse demographics. For instance, higher education nonprofits use it to engage alumni, while faith-based organizations connect with their congregations. Event-based texts within peer-to-peer fundraising, whether for a 5k run or a gala, keep participants informed and involved, enhancing the overall experience and impact.

Key Parameters of High-ROI Texts

  • Volume and Reach: Successful campaigns reached audiences as large as 4,000, proving the wide reach of MMS texts.
  • Donations & Amount Raised: These texts saw significant fundraising success, with amounts ranging from $896 to $5,976.
  • Staggering ROI: The return on investment for these texts was impressive, ranging from 331% to an astonishing 7,746%.

Crafting the Perfect MMS Text Message

The data suggests that the ‘perfect message’ is achievable. Key elements include:

  • Timeliness: Over half of the high-performing texts were time-sensitive, emphasizing the need for urgent calls to action.
  • Personal Touch: Personalization, such as using the recipient’s first name, was a common feature in 64% of the texts.
  • Optimal Length: The most effective texts were around 688 characters, balancing brevity with impactful content.

Structuring Your MMS Text Message

The most successful messages shared a common structure focusing on simplicity. Key elements included:

  • Link Placement: Nearly all high-ROI texts placed a link at the end, guiding readers to take action.
  • Call to Action: While most texts included a direct donation request, some diversified with surveys or other engagements.
  • Emojis & Subject Lines: Surprisingly, simplicity ruled, with most messages avoiding emojis and subject lines.

Best Time for Sending Text Messages

Selecting the right time to send messages is crucial. Our research indicates Wednesday as the optimal day, with Friday and Tuesday also being effective.

The Power of Segmentation

Segmentation, meaning tailoring messages to specific donor groups, has proved highly effective in Tatango’s top 100 texts roundup for 2023. The concept of segmentation goes beyond basic categorization; it’s about understanding and directly engaging with the unique preferences and behaviors of different donor groups. In nonprofit fundraising, this approach can be transformative. When messages are tailored to specific segments, they resonate more deeply, fostering a sense of connection and personal relevance. For instance, a message about a children’s health initiative might have a more profound impact on past donors who have specifically contributed to similar causes. Segmentation can also be based on donor engagement levels, allowing nonprofits to craft distinct messages for regular donors, occasional contributors, and first-time donors. This targeted approach not only increases the likelihood of donations but also helps in building long-term relationships.  In fact, according to Tatango’s data,  It not only increased donations by 36% per recipient but also significantly reduced unsubscribe rates. By acknowledging the diverse interests and motivations of their donor base, nonprofits can create more effective and engaging campaigns, thus increasing their donations.

For nonprofit marketers and fundraisers, mastering MMS campaigns can be transformative. The key lies in personalization, timely delivery, and smart segmentation. While creativity is encouraged, often a straightforward message structure yields better results.

As we move into 2024, these insights offer a roadmap for nonprofits to craft MMS campaigns that resonate deeply with their audience and drive impactful results. Whether rallying support for a cause or driving urgent donations, when executed correctly, MMS texts can be a formidable tool in a nonprofit’s fundraising arsenal.

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