Engage Donors With Opted-In Communications Using Tatango’s Integration With FundraiseUp


Non-profit organizations are a crucial part of our society. They strive to improve the world we live in and help those in need. However, in order to make a significant impact, non-profits need funding. One of the ways they can achieve this is through donor engagement, which is where Fundraise Up and Tatango come in.

Fundraise Up is a donation platform that helps non-profits raise funds by providing a seamless and intuitive donation experience. It is designed to improve the donor experience by providing personalized messaging and data-driven insights. Fundraise Up is also committed to security and compliance, ensuring that all donations are processed safely and securely.

At Tatango, we enable nonprofit organizations to communicate with their customers and fundraise through text. Tatango specializes in providing opt-in marketing messages that are compliant with TCPA regulations, ensuring that your organization stays within legal boundaries. Tatango also allows you to personalize your messages, making it easier to engage with your audience.

How Does The Integration Work?

The integration between Fundraise Up and Tatango allows non-profits to enhance donor engagement by collecting opt-ins from donors. When a donor opts-in, their information is added to your Tatango list. The integration also captures additional donation data, enabling non-profits to personalize and segment messages using this data later on. This means that non-profits can send targeted messages to donors based on their donation history or other relevant data, improving the chances of engagement and ultimately, donations.

The integration data is updated regularly, providing non-profits with the most up-to-date information on their donors. This makes it easier for non-profits to keep track of their donors and ensure that they are engaging with them in a meaningful way.

The Partnership Between Tatango and Fundraise Up

The partnership between Tatango and Fundraise Up is an exciting development for the non-profit sector. The two companies have worked together to make it seamless and easy for users to configure the integration. This integration will allow users to collect new opt-ins and capture donation history for non-profits.

By working together Fundraise Up and Tatango can provide non-profits with the tools they need to engage with donors more effectively, amplify their mission, and raise more funds for their causes.

The integration between Tatango and Fundraise Up has the potential to revolutionize the way nonprofits engage with their supporters and drive more donations over time. Tatango is confident that nonprofits will benefit greatly from this integration. For existing Tatango clients, we encourage you to log in and start using the integration today. If you are not currently using Tatango but are interested in how this integration can help your non-profit, please contact our sales team. If you want to learn more about how Tatango and Fundraise Up can collaborate to help you better manage your fundraising efforts and increase donations over time, check out our integration information here.

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