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How Nonprofits Can Raise Record Funds on a Small Budget

How Nonprofits Can Raise Record Funds on a Small Budget

SMS text message marketing has become one of the most cost-effective strategies for nonprofit and advocacy group campaigns. The beauty of SMS text message marketing is that it’s possible to run a successful fundraising campaign that won’t break the bank.

Most nonprofit organizations rely on limited funds and resources to reach potential and existing supporters, so having low-cost, efficient tools is crucial to achieving fundraising goals. Tatango clients regularly see an average return of $5 in donations for every $1 invested in text message marketing. We’ve helped our clients ensure they put every dollar invested to its best use.

Keep reading to learn how to maximize the potential of a small budget with SMS text message marketing. In this blog post, you’ll discover four ways nonprofit campaigns can raise record funds, even on a low budget, without sacrificing success.

Why Use SMS Text Message Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing channels, which usually require a sizeable budget, text message fundraising is a highly effective and easily adjustable fundraising platform for budgets of any size. You’ve probably tried other electronic fundraising methods, each with diminishing returns. An SMS text-to-give platform is essential for fundraising campaigns and stands apart from other strategies and tools available.

About 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them. And compared to traditional communication and promotion methods, more than 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. Because SMS has the highest open rates of any communication vehicle, text-to-give has become a vital fundraising tool.

SMS text message marketing helps organizations communicate faster and directly, so they can focus on time-sensitive issues while raising funds to advance their cause. It’s one of the most efficient and cost-effective fundraising tools available today. Supporters can stay engaged with your organization and respond and donate within seconds using a device they always have with them. This direct connection can significantly impact their sense of connection to your organization and the success of your campaign.

4 Ways Nonprofits Can Raise Record Funds on a Small Budget

Below are actionable ways that your nonprofit can raise record funds, even on a small budget.

Integrate Your SMS Number with Your Website

Automation means you can do more with less, and integrating your SMS number with your website makes automation possible. It’s as easy as adding a single line of code to your site. Once integrated, whenever someone submits their information using a form on your website, it immediately syncs with your text message campaign, growing your subscriber list with no extra effort.

An impressive 97% of Americans report owning a cell phone and say it’s their preferred method of communication—that’s why growing your subscriber list is so important.

Personalize Your Messages

Supporters want to feel connected to the causes they care about and the organizations they back. The data doesn’t lie: 54% of text message recipients are more likely to take action when they receive personalized content.

How Nonprofits Can Raise Record Funds on a Small Budget 1

SMS and MMS marketing are excellent for fostering a personal connection between campaigns and supporters. Text messages create a direct connection between your organization and each recipient.

Segmentation, available on the Tatango platform, helps you create individual lists for specific groups of subscribers, such as volunteers, donors, and supporters. With those customized lists, your organization can message people based on details such as their location, interests, and past donations. You’ve already collected the information; now put it to use in a way that benefits your fundraising campaign.

Include Multimedia in Your Messages

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words—so let a picture do some of the talking for you. A well-timed, heart-felt image can tug at your donors’ heartstrings and encourage them to take action. Research shows that organizations that include MMS content in their text messages can achieve up to a 6,000% increase in ROI.

As a Tatango client, you have access to the Tatango Design Studio. Our in-house designers and SMS marketing experts will work with you at no extra cost to help you create the most engaging and interactive text messages for your fundraising campaign.

Measure Your KPIs and Optimize Accordingly

Your fundraising campaigns will be most successful if you track and measure results. The built-in analytics features in the Tatango platform help you analyze trends and adjust your campaign in real time to increase engagement and open rates. Seeing how subscribers interact with your campaign helps you develop ways to alter your messaging for maximum success.

With A/B testing, you can test up to four different versions of a text message at once to see which performs best.

Become a Text-to-Give Pro

Donating has never been easier for donors, and collecting donations has never been easier for your organization. It can all happen at the click of a button or a tap on a smartphone screen. Tatango saves you time and money, seamlessly integrating with all fundraising software so you can do everything in one place without switching between platforms.

With the Tatango platform, optimizing your fundraising is effortless. Many features mentioned are already included as a client so that you can focus your budget on other aspects of your campaign.

Add Tatango to Your Fundraising Workflow

Jump-start your budget-friendly fundraising campaign with a text-to-give platform and maximize your donation potential. To learn more about other ways to elevate your SMS marketing workflow, contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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