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How To Use Segmentation To Increase Donations in Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

How To Use Segmentation To Increase Donations in Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

People’s interests vary, and supporters are more likely to participate in your Giving Tuesday campaign when the messages feel personalized. Segmentation helps you target specific supporters with tailored messaging, and that personal touch can increase engagement and ROI.

Before the explosion of digital marketing and fundraising, you were lucky to have a potential supporter’s full name. Now, thanks to how easy it is to gather information about your supporters through your interactions with them, it’s possible to create separate lists based on details like their previous donation amount or their relationship to your organization, such as donor, staff member, or volunteer. 

With a segmented list, it’s easy to send personalized messages.

What’s Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global movement started in 2012 to encourage people to do good in their communities. It’s observed the Tuesday after Thanksgiving; in 2022, Giving Tuesday is on November 29.

Check out the GivingTuesday website to learn more about this worldwide celebration of generosity.

SMS and MMS Marketing for Giving Tuesday

Add SMS and MMS marketing to your toolbox to get ahead of the competition. Organizations used to rely on traditional advertising methods such as direct mailers, commercials, and email newsletters. But those methods won’t get you very far these days. Text message marketing is far more efficient for getting your message out and maximizing your fundraising ROI. 

Text message marketing can reach thousands or even millions of people at once. It’s the perfect channel for sharing time-sensitive promotions or information. In fact, more than 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received, which makes it a powerful campaign tool for reaching subscribers. 

Compare that to the other most recent mass communication method, the marketing email, with an average open rate of only 22.71% and an even more dismal average click-through rate of 2.91%. The evidence is clear—text message marketing is an advertising game-changer that won’t be going away any time soon, especially since 97% of Americans own a cell phone.

With text message marketing, you’ll be able to connect directly with your audience and personalize your messages in ways you simply can’t achieve with social media, email newsletters, and commercials.

How to Use Segmentation in Your SMS Giving Tuesday Campaign

Don’t overlook segmentation in your SMS marketing and fundraising efforts, especially not on Giving Tuesday. Check out three ways you can use segmentation to maximize the effectiveness of your Giving Tuesday campaign.

  1. Target Your Active and Inactive Audiences

    Tatango provides metrics about your past SMS campaigns. This information will help you identify which supporters are active with your messages and which aren’t so you can segment them into lists. 
    You might think the best option is to target only people who have interacted with your messaging but leaving out those who haven’t would be a mistake. Giving Tuesday is a global initiative, and you’re likely to energize inactive supporters with this opportunity to give.

  2. Target by Location

    Use your supporters’ zip code, state, or time zone to reach them for your Giving Tuesday campaign based on their location. Geotargeting helps you personalize your message from a local perspective based on each supporter’s neighborhood. Widening your messaging to target a state-wide audience allows you to share farther-reaching events and opportunities related to your cause. And, targeting by time zone ensures your messages are well-timed so supporters receive them right before a key event or fundraiser.

  3. Target by Age

    In this instance, we don’t mean your donor’s age, though that might be useful in some circumstances. We’re referring to how long they’ve been a supporter. Your messaging should be different for long-time supporters and those who only recently subscribed to your list. It’s one more way to create a sense of personal connection. This distinction will help you maximize the donations received, build trust with your newer supporters, and inspire confidence in your cause.

    Watch this video to see how segmentation can help you maximize returns:

Segmentation in Action

Add Tatango to Your Fundraising Journey

There’s no need to stress about Giving Tuesday and SMS/MMS text message marketing when you partner with Tatango. We’re excited to support you on this journey. Contact our text message marketing experts today to learn how to make Tatango part of your marketing strategy and get answers to all your questions.

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