Collect Opt-Ins From Donation Events With Tatango’s Integration With Virtuous

We are thrilled to announce the new integration between Tatango and Virtuous, a donor relationship management platform that helps nonprofits manage their marketing, donation, and volunteer efforts all in one place. This integration will allow Tatango users to capture opt-ins in real time, making it easier than ever for nonprofit organizations to reach their audience through text messaging.

At Tatango, we pride ourselves on being the leading platform for text fundraising serving nonprofit organizations. Our workhorse platform allows users to send messages within minutes, making it easy for nonprofits to get their message out to their supporters quickly and efficiently. With the integration of Virtuous, our platform has become even more powerful, allowing users to not only send messages, but to capture valuable donor data that can be used to segment and personalize messages to their audience.

For those who are unfamiliar with Virtuous, it is a comprehensive donor management platform that helps nonprofits build stronger relationships with their supporters. Virtuous allows nonprofits to manage all of their fundraising efforts in one place, including donations, events, and volunteer opportunities. By using Virtuous, nonprofits can easily track donor engagement, manage communication with their supporters, and analyze their fundraising performance.

How does the Virtuous integration work on Tatango’s platform?

With the integration of Tatango, Virtuous users can now collect phone numbers from Virtuous donation events. Users can capture opt-ins in real-time, making it easy for nonprofits to connect with their supporters through text messaging. This is especially important for nonprofits that rely on text messaging for fundraising, as it allows them to capture valuable donor information and track their engagement over time. 

In addition to opt-ins, the integration between Tatango and Virtuous also allows users to store donation data, making it easy to segment and personalize messages based on donor behavior. For example, nonprofits can use the data to send targeted messages to donors who have given multiple times, or to those who have donated a specific amount. This level of segmentation and personalization can help nonprofits increase donor engagement and drive more donations over time.

The Tatango team is confident that the integration will be a game-changer for nonprofits, allowing them to better engage with their supporters and drive more donations over time.

For Tatango clients, we encourage you to log in and start using the integration today. If you are not a Tatango customer but are interested in learning more about how this integration can benefit your nonprofit, get in touch with our sales team. Our team can help you understand how Tatango and Virtuous can work together to help you better manage your fundraising efforts and drive more donations over time.


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