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The #1 Place to Promote Your Short Code to Skyrocket Donations

best place to put your short code to skyrocket donations

A short code is vital for a successful SMS text message fundraising campaign. It helps nonprofit organizations increase not only subscribers and engagement but also donations. Increasing donations is one of a nonprofit’s highest priorities to reach its goals and make a difference.

Tatango SMS fundraising experts have over 14 years of experience helping nonprofits strategically use short codes to help increase donations. Many of our clients see a return of $5 for every $1 invested in text message marketing and fundraising.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the top three places to share your short code when using text message marketing to raise donations. Keep reading to see exactly where to promote a short code to maximize donations.


Benefits of SMS Marketing for Nonprofit Fundraising 

Reaching potential supporters and donors is challenging. Emails may end up in the spam or junk folder, and phone calls typically go straight to voicemail. Old fundraising strategies don’t hold up in today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy world. For your fundraising campaign to succeed, it must be straightforward and free of hurdles that might keep people from giving. 

Innovative technology provides flexibility and efficiency and helps make your fundraising campaign more effective so you can raise more money and accomplish more in less time—without sacrificing the quality of your message. People often won’t even see an organization’s social media posts, and they’ll skip commercials and tune out traditional marketing channels. The solution to break through these barriers is SMS text message marketing. 

In October 2020 alone, more than 5 billion text messages were sent. An additional 270 million went out in the days following the election. Consider that 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them. In addition, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received. With SMS marketing, it’s possible to reach thousands or even millions of customers at once. It’s the perfect channel for sharing time-sensitive promotions and information. 

best place to put your short code to skyrocket donations

But what do you do with a text message phone number once you have it?


Top Places to Share Your Short Code

Below are the best places to put your short code to skyrocket donations.


1. Integrate Your Short Code into Your Existing Website

Grow your SMS text message donations quickly and easily by adding a simple line of code to your website to ensure your website is synced to your SMS program. This is our all-time favorite way to rapidly increase donations. With this method whenever someone enters their phone number on a form on your site, their information will be automatically added to your SMS subscriber list. Once synced, supporters will receive future updates and be more likely to donate when your cause organization needs help.

An impressive 97% of Americans own a cell phone and say it’s their preferred method of communication. That’s why growing your donor base is so important. Take advantage of any opportunity to automate a process so you can do more with less effort.


2. Share Your Short Code on Social Media Platforms

SMS text message marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase donations, but you’re not limited to text messaging. More than half the world’s population—a whopping 4.62 billion people—use social media. Chances are your subscribers are part of that impressive number. Don’t miss out on these powerful tools to inform your followers.

Share your short code on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to connect with your followers, and they’ll be more likely to engage and donate to your campaign. A simple message like “text 22233 to save shelter animals” can grow your list with ease. 


3. Include Your Short Code on Print Ads

The digital and analog worlds have collided, and people are used to seeing modern terms and elements, such as hashtags, everywhere. Don’t be afraid to merge text message marketing with traditional marketing tactics such as banners and flyers. Including your short code on print ads and promotional materials is a proven strategy for increasing donations. Place your nonprofit’s fundraising short code and keywords on posters, flyers, podiums, and pamphlets you use at grassroots events.

To skyrocket your fundraising donations be sure to share your short code in these top three places: your website, your social media, and your printed material. Exposure makes a world of difference. Get your short code in front of your audience as many ways as possible.


Add Tatango to Your Fundraising Campaign

Short codes make it easy for subscribers to support your organization with SMS text message donations. To learn more about other ways Tatango can help elevate your SMS marketing, contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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