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Text Message Autoresponder Increases Chegg App Downloads

Chegg Text Message App Download

Brands use text message autoresponders for a variety of purposes, but with the explosion of mobile apps, it’s extremely common for app marketers to use text messaging autoresponders to increase app downloads. With text message autoresponders producing a 92% click-through rate to download an app, it’s no wonder why mobile app marketers are relying on text message autoresponder to increase app downloads.

Need more proof that text message autoresponders are increasing app downloads? In this post, we spoke to Keegan Hall, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Pirq about using a text message autoresponder to increase app downloads and he told us the following:

“These banners have contributed considerably to the growth of our user base in the Seattle area, and the text messaging CTA has allowed us to simplify the download processes since the reply text includes a single link that can detect which device they’re using (iPhone or Android) and then direct them to the Pirq download page within appropriate app store.  This allows us to cut out several steps from the typical download process.  This make a huge difference in conversion.”

Being no stranger to text message marketing, Chegg is also using a text message autoresponder to increase app downloads. So how is Chegg using a text message autoresponder to increase app downloads? It’s actually pretty cool, Chegg is using an autoresponder to deliver a text message to students, that include a link to directly download the Chegg app to their mobile phones. The text messaging campaign is advertised on the front of CheggDeals books, telling students to text “Chegg to 33733 to download the FREE app”. You can see the Chegg Deals books and their use of the text message autoresponder in the images below.

Chegg Text Message Auotresponder

Chegg SMS Auotresponder

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Do you have any other examples of apps using text message autoresponders? If so, let us know in the comments below and they may be featured on our blog in the future.

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