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Pirq Uses SMS to Increase Mobile App Downloads

The guys over at Pirq have completely embraced text messaging in an effort to make the process of downloading their mobile app more simple, and in-turn increasing the amount of consumers that download their app. Pirq is currently using text messaging in two different locations, one in the physical world, and the other in the digital.

The first place Pirq is using text messaging to increase app installs is in the physical world, with this gigantic indoor billboard in select Westfield Shopping Centers, which you can see below. They’re advertising for shoppers to text “SHOP” to 33133, their vanity short code, in order to download the app. In response, Pirq sends back a link that allows consumers to download the app to either their IOS or Android device. While we usually don’t recommend brands advertise their SMS keywords with quotation marks around them like Pirq has done in their billboard advertisement it’s no longer an issue now that Tatango accepts keywords with or without quotation marks.

App Download - Text Messaging

I spoke with Keegan Hall, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Pirq about using a text message call-to-action on their billboard advertisements and he told me that “These banners have contributed considerably to the growth of our user base in the Seattle area, and the text messaging CTA has allowed us to simplify the download processes since the reply text includes a single link that can detect which device they’re using (iPhone or Android) and then direct them to the Pirq download page within the appropriate app store.  This allows us to cut out several steps from the typical download process (go into the app store, search for Pirq, find the appropriate app from the search results, then download the app).  This makes a huge difference in conversion.”

The second-place Pirq is using text messaging to increase app installs is in the digital world, with a text-to-download field on the homepage of their website. As you can see below, a visitor is prompted to enter their mobile phone number into the field, allowing Pirq to send them a link to download the app.

Mobile App Download Landing Page

Are you looking for ways to increase app downloads? Have you tried integrating text messaging into your app marketing plan? If not, give the team at Tatango a call at (206) 274-6599 and let us help you devise a plan to not only increase app downloads, but make the entire app download process easier for consumers.

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