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App Text to Download Example – Walmart

While Walmart has had issues with their SMS marketing efforts in the past, I recently found a great example of how they’re using app text-to-download in-store, in order to increase downloads of the Walmart mobile app. If you’re not familiar with Walmart’s mobile app, one of the features it provides to consumers is the ability to scan a barcode in-store and get more information about that product, in addition to seeing other customer reviews of that specific product.

If you look below, you’ll see that Walmart has in-store advertising, which instructs shoppers to text “APP” to the SMS short code 63257 to download the Walmart mobile app.

App Text to Download Example - Walmart

After a consumer texts “APP” to Walmart’s SMS short code 63257, they’re sent a text message with a link to download the app from the appropriate app store. You can see the text message below.
App Text to download example
While most brands that have a mobile app are using text messaging to increase app downloads from their websites, we’re starting to see more brands like Walmart, use text messaging to increase app downloads through the use of an SMS autoresponder. Some additional examples you can view are Target7-elevenDunkin’ Donuts, and you’ll definitely want to read how Pirq gets a 92% click-through rate for their text messages.

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