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Dunkin’ Donuts Uses Text Messaging To Increase App Downloads

Most brands nowadays already have mobile app landing pages with text-to-download functionality, but it’s much rarer to see a brand using text messaging in traditional media to make it easier for their customers to download their mobile apps. Recently when walking through the Boston airport, I stumbled upon a sign in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts, encouraging customers to download their app by texting “APP” to 386546, which conveniently spells “DUNKIN”.

Dunkin Donuts Text Message App Download

And for a better close up:

Dunkin' donuts send download link to your phone

When you text APP to 386546, you get the following text message. The best part, the website URL they’re using detects the mobile phone type and automatically redirects the consumer to the right app store for their mobile device.

Dunkin Donuts Text Message

Want more information on how to use text messaging to increase the number of downloads you receive for your mobile app, check out this video I did that explains the entire process.

Interested in getting more downloads for your mobile app, give the text message marketing experts at Tatango a call at (206) 274-6599, or drop us an email to figure out how you can use our SMS Autoresponder feature to build exactly what Dunkin’ Donuts has in only a matter of minutes.


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