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Macy’s Promotes Mobile App Downloads With Text Messaging

Like many retailer brands, Macy’s has a mobile app. Unlike many retailers though, Macy’s is using text messaging to make the app download process easier on their customers.

As you can see below, Macy’s is instructing customers on their website that are interested in downloading their app, to text the SMS keyword “APP” to the short code 62297.

Macy's Text Message App Download

When a customer does this, they receive an SMS auto-reply with a link to find and download the app on their mobile device. The text message that is received in response to texting “APP” to 62297 is below. Macy’s isn’t new to text message marketing either, check out this post we did last year about a text-to-win campaign they were running in-store, in conjunction with NBC’s Fashion Star television show. 

Macy's Text Message Marketing

Looking for other examples of brands using text messaging to make the app download process more simple for consumers? First check out this post we did on 29 brands that are using text messaging on their websites to make the app download process easier. Then check out the following brands using text messaging in traditional media to gain additional downloads of their apps. Then once you’ve absorbed all of that, read this article I wrote for HasOffers, on how to use text messaging to track ROI of marketing spend in traditional advertising for mobile apps.

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