SMS Marketing Examples

Text To Download Mobile App Example from Shopkick

Want to download the shopkick app to your mobile phone? Well now there’s an easier way, especially if you’re not in-front of your computer. All you have to do is text “SHOPKICK” to 74666 on your mobile phone.

Check out the ad being displayed in Simon Malls across the country below encouraging shoppers to download the shopkick app by texting “SHOPKICK” to 74666.

Mobile App Advertising Example

When a shopper texts “SHOPKICK” to the SMS short code 74666 they’ll receive the following SMS message, with two different links, one to download the iPhone version of the app, and the second to download the Android version of the app. You can see the text message below.

Text to Download App Example

While the majority of apps using text messaging are doing so on their websites, like with these apps, we are starting to see more apps like shopkick and Pirq using SMS autoresponders to generate more downloads for their apps. This is great news for SMS marketing platforms, app developers and most importantly consumers as it makes the whole app download process easier.


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