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Raising Political Donations Using Tatango [Actual Case Cases]

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango 2

Political donations are critical for running a successful campaign and getting your message out to the American people. As the 2020 election reached its most crucial point, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, adding an unexpected obstacle to an already complicated fundraising process.

SMS messages served as a great solution to fill the face-to-face void resulting from the safety measures taken in response to the pandemic. Political candidates and organizations sent more than 5 billion election-related text messages in October 2020 alone.

At Tatango, we have the privilege of partnering with politicians and political organizations to help them communicate with supporters and gather donations to spread their message further. On average, our political clients see an ROI of $5 for every $1 spent on SMS marketing and MMS marketing.

As long-standing partners with many political candidates, we understand the importance of utilizing a reliable SMS marketing platform to gather political donations effectively. Tatango offers the highest level of security in the SMS marketing industry, ensuring that supporters’ data is always safe and secure. Additionally, we prioritize compliance and ensure that no laws or guidelines are ever broken, guaranteeing delivery of every text message while staying completely TCPA compliant. Most importantly, our platform can support a large volume of text messages at once. Tatango can send 100,000 texts per minute and 6 million per hour, making it 33 times faster than its closest competitor.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s see what our political clients are saying about Tatango, how they use the platform to gather donations, and why they chose to work with us. We take our clients’ privacy very seriously, and these examples will remain anonymous and won’t disclose client names or their party affiliation.


MMS Functionalities

“It’s hard to top the MMS. It’s just a really good product. The way it looks is really great. It looks like someone is actually texting you.”

In an interview with a Chief Digital Officer from a political campaign, they noted that their top reason for using Tatango was the MMS feature. MMS text messages allow organizations to send various media content to subscribers, including video, sound files, images, multiple contacts, and GIFs. Along with this additional media functionality, MMS messages also allow up to 5,000 characters in a single message.

This customer particularly liked the extended character limit that Tatango provides within their MMS messaging functionalities. Additionally, they said that service from the Tatango team was exceptional. Tatango adapted to their unique needs and built out features and functionalities unique to this client. One of the main reasons they chose to work with Tatango was that Tatango built a custom integration to meet the client’s needs. Integrations ensure that clients can seamlessly use multiple technologies to create the most efficient processes for gathering political donations via SMS. Tatango integrates with WinRed, ActBlue, EveryAction, NationBuilder, and more.

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango 4


Speed & Service

“It’s easy to reach the executives. You don’t get that with every company. We can message them on the side, share feature suggestions.”

This political client was delighted with the customer service provided by the Tatango team. They were able to communicate easily with CEO and founder Derek Johnson and were very impressed by the level of urgency with which their questions and requests were handled.

The deciding factor for using the Tatango SMS marketing solution to gather donations was the technology’s speed. This client sends many time-sensitive messages related to current events, and they wanted to ensure those messages are delivered quickly and could be sent at a moment’s notice—not with 24 hours notice as with some SMS marketing providers, when political news could be old news by then.

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango 1


Service & Features

“Tatango was much more proactive with delivering a timeline to build out an integration than our old vendor.”

A political agency client that works with many different political customers noted that the Tatango platform allowed their clients to raise more donations than they would have without the technology. One reason they were so successful was the level of service and support they received from their success manager. The success manager answered all their questions and worked with them to create top-of-the-line SMS donation campaigns. The manager also oversaw their integration needs and worked with all parties to ensure they were built out and were up and running as fast as possible.

Additionally, they enjoyed the MMS messaging formats, which allowed them to utilize 5,000 characters per text message and include media attachments to effectively gather political donations.

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango 3


Learn More About Tatango

Are you looking for an industry-leading SMS marketing platform to gather political donations? We’d love to share a little more about how the Tatango platform can help you accomplish your fundraising goals. We invite you to schedule a time to chat with an SMS marketing expert.

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