Political SMS Marketing

Political Fundraising with ActBlue and Tatango

Political Fundraising with ActBlue & Tatango

Political SMS messages are behind some of the most famous campaign success stories in recent years. Two billion campaign texts were sent out in November of 2020 alone. Through this type of direct and personal communication, candidates can thank voters, encourage turnout, raise money, and rally support. In fact, one-third of American voters say text message marketing influenced their voting decisions in the 2020 election. Starting an SMS campaign can seem challenging, but with support from platforms like Tatango, you can set up your team for success.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the best reasons to use SMS messaging in your political race. SMS marketing is the most secure, efficient, and effective way to communicate directly with your constituents and raise large quantities of small-dollar donations. With Tatango and integrated fundraising platforms like ActBlue, it’s never been easier to get your message out quickly, reliably, and securely. Without good support and momentum, even the best campaign pledges and messaging will fall flat. Keep reading for a breakdown of how a partnership like Tatango and ActBlue can help.


What is ActBlue?

ActBlue is an online platform for Democratic fundraising. Using ActBlue SMS marketing tools, Democratic candidates and organizations can grow grassroots campaigns, win elections, and raise donations easily and securely.

The ActBlue platform has seen impressive growth in the last few years. Compared to 2017, contributions via ActBlue in 2021 have almost doubled. ActBlue has been highly impactful in supporting progressive organizations, candidates, committees, and nonprofits. 

According to the ActBlue website, the platform has helped progressive candidates and causes raise more than $8 billion from small-dollar donors since 2004. ActBlue SMS features and tools are available to Democratic organizations of all sizes, from small local food banks to national presidential campaigns.

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ActBlue Reviews

ActBlue enables every American to make a difference through small-dollar donations. Below are just a few quotes from grassroots supporters using ActBlue. 

“I want to support organizations that will keep those in power accountable and give a voice to the voiceless. I give my time, and what money I can afford, to aid those engaged in doing good.” — Anne, New Hampshire, ActBlue review

“Just like every vote counts, I believe that every dollar counts. And I can support the seven national and local candidates I am backing each with a small monthly dollar contribution.” — Ernest, Arizona, ActBlue review


ActBlue vs. Other Political Fundraising Software

Several fundraising tools exist in the political arena. Let’s examine how ActBlue compares to the most popular political fundraising platforms.

  • ActBlue vs. WinRed: ActBlue is designed for progressive campaigns and organizations, while WinRed is the fundraising software designed for conservative groups.
  • ActBlue vs. EveryAction: ActBlue focuses primarily on fundraising, whereas EveryAction is a customer relationship management tool (CRM).
  • ActBlue vs. NGP Van: ActBlue prioritizes progressive fundraising, while NGP Van is a progressive marketing and compliance tool similar to EveryAction.

  • ActBlue vs. Anedot: ActBlue is a fundraising software for every campaign size on the left, whereas Anedot is a donation platform for smaller conservative campaigns.


What is Tatango?

Tatango is an SMS marketing software provider that helps political organizations send mass text messages to their supporters. Tatango has been the SMS marketing leader for more than 14 years. It offers the best reliability, speed, segmentation, and analytics in the industry. The Common Short Code Administration has awarded Tatango its highest designation of Premium Partner. Tatango partners with political candidates and organizations to send political text messages to raise donations, engage with supporters, connect with volunteers, send important campaign updates, and encourage voter turnout.

While emails can sit unopened in an inbox for hours or days, 90% of SMS messages are read within just three minutes. In fact, 78% of consumers say that SMS is the fastest way to reach them. SMS marketing ensures your most important and urgent messages go directly to your supporters’ mobile phones in real time, and Tatango can help.

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How ActBlue and Tatango Integrate

Tatango is one of the most powerful ActBlue integrations, making Democratic SMS fundraising easier, faster, and more secure for Democratic political candidates, organizations, and voters. Tatango research shows that political candidates and organizations net an average return on investment of $5 for every $1 spent on progressive SMS texting.

Through the Tatango and ActBlue integration, supporters can easily donate by clicking on a link in a text message instead of using an online form. This method increases the speed, likelihood, and ease with which supporters make donations, thereby removing all barriers to raising small-dollar donations and increasing grassroots support via progressive text messaging. ActBlue donations are now easier than ever via Tatango with ActBlue Express, enabling users to donate to any group or organization with a single click by securely saving their payment method.


Tips for Increasing SMS Donations

Here are a few ways you can accelerate your Democratic SMS fundraising results using Tatango and ActBlue—with cutting-edge technology to build grassroots support.


Personalize Text Messages

Personalization boosts click-through rates and engagement. As you know, voters want to feel like they have a personal connection with the candidate they support. Only 47% of Americans felt the political text messages they received were personalized. Use Tatango’s merge tags to incorporate your supporters’ names into text messages, which will boost personalization and show appreciation for volunteers, donors, and voters.

Political Fundraising with ActBlue and Tatango - Merge Tags

Enhance Text Messages with MMS Messaging

Use Tatango to send MMS messages with add eye-catching content such as images, GIFs, videos, and audio files. Tatango is the only SMS provider offering 5,000 characters of text in a message, so you can explain important campaign updates and hot-button issues to your supporters. 

With Tatango and ActBlue MMS messages, political organizations can create more engaging messages, see higher click-through rates, and bring in record-setting donations.

Political Fundraising with ActBlue and Tatango - MMS

Send Fundraising and Voting Deadline Reminders

Political campaigns are extremely time-sensitive. Slow or clunky systems can harm your efforts. Tatango offers the fastest send speeds in the industry, helping you get your messages out fast so you can inform your supporters about important deadlines and outperform your progressive fundraising goals.


Let’s Power Your Progressive Fundraising Together

Tatango SMS marketing and political texting experts are here to help. We’d love to learn about your political campaign and discuss how Tatango can support you in getting your messages out as quickly and securely as possible. Talk to one of our experts today.

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