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Merge Tags

Personalize each message you send to subscribers by using merge tags.

Tatango Feature - Merge Tags

What's Included

The following is included with Tatango's merge tags feature.

Subscriber Merge Tags

Personalize each message sent to subscribers by using subscriber merge tags to dynamically insert subscriber information into a message. Subscriber information can include a subscriber's first name, zip code, state, city, email address, or even custom subscriber data.

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Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Subscriber Data
Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Coupon Codes

Coupon Code Merge Tags

Using coupon code merge tags allow you to dynamically insert unique coupon codes into each message you send. These merge tags reduce coupon fraud and allow you to track at the point of sale which coupon codes have been redeemed and which have not.

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Expiration Date Merge Tags

Using an expiration date merge tag allows you to dynamically insert an expiration date into any message. This expiration date adjusts itself based on when the subscriber receives the message, and the number of days you've set to allow them to redeem the promotion.

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Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Expiration Dates
Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Hyperlink Query Strings

Query String Merge Tags

If you're using hyperlinks in messages, you'll be glad to know that Tatango supports dynamically created query strings. Dynamically insert subscriber information, such as a subscriber's phone number, into the query string to pass this type of subscriber information to the mobile browser.

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Available Features

The following mobile messaging features are available on the Tatango platform.

Messaging Workflows

Create virtually any type of messaging workflow with the click of a mouse.

Subscriber Segmenting

Hyper-target your messaging by sending to subscriber segments.

Subscriber Analytics

Easily track subscriber trends and visually display the data.

Subscriber Profiles

Subscriber profiles offer information about each of your subscribers.

Merge Tags

Dynamically insert a subscriber's information into any message.

Tatango Integrations

Connect your Tatango account with hundreds of powerful web services.

Developer API

Allows you to integrate Tatango into any existing software or application.

Messaging Automation

Send automated messages based on a wide array of subscriber events.

Messaging Analytics

See how many messages successfully sent, the click-through rate, etc.

Messaging API

Allows you to integrate SMS, MMS & RCS into any software or application.

Administrative Controls

Grant permission to Managers & Limited Managers based on access.