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Merge Tags

Use merge tags to personalize each message you send to subscribers.

Tatango Feature - Merge Tags

What's Included

Tatango's merge tags include the following features.

Subscriber Merge Tags

Subscriber information can include a subscriber's first name, email address, state, city, zip code, or even custom subscriber data. Personalize each message sent to subscribers by using subscriber merge tags to dynamically insert subscriber information into a message.

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Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Subscriber Data
Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Coupon Codes

Coupon Code Merge Tags

Coupon code merge tags reduce coupon fraud and allow you to track at the point of sale which coupon codes have been redeemed and which have not. Tatango's software can dynamically insert these coupon codes into your messages. 

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Expiration Date Merge Tags

Dynamically insert an expiration date into any message using an expiration date merge tag. This expiration date adjusts itself based on when the subscriber receives the message, and the number of days you've set.

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Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Expiration Dates
Tatango Platform - Merge Tags - Hyperlink Query Strings

Query String Merge Tags

Dynamically insert subscriber information, such as a phone number, into the query string to pass this type of subscriber information to the browser. If you're using hyperlinks in messages, you're going to love this feature.

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