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Political Fundraising with WinRed and Tatango

Jan 06, 2021

Political Fundraising with WinRed and Tatango Integration

Political text messaging has taken the election world by storm! Political candidates and organizations sent more than 5 billion election-related text messages in October 2020 alone. SMS messages allow candidates to reach their target audience quickly and effectively with a 99% read and open rate. Plus, 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent.

Clearly, SMS messaging an ideal tool for political campaign fundraising. It’s no secret that for a candidate to have a fighting chance of victory, they must have an effective fundraising strategy in place. Political donations make it possible to get a candidate’s views and proposed policies in front of the American people and help enact change within our communities.

Political campaigns have learned that the most effective and efficient way to run a fundraising campaign is to use political SMS marketing software. SMS software allows political groups, candidates, and organizations to send mass text messages with unique messaging for each audience, location, and cause. A candidate can speak directly to large donors and create compelling messages to boost their campaign’s grassroots donation efforts. On average, some of our clients see an ROI of $5 in donations for every $1 spent on text message marketing.

But how does this work? Adopting new technology during a political race can be intimidating. The good news is that technology has progressed significantly, and even users who aren’t tech-savvy can make some pretty incredible things happen. Our organization, Tatango, has been a leading expert in SMS marketing for over a decade. We partner with WinRed, a GOP fundraising software, to make it simple for your donors to financially support your campaign through SMS messages.

This blog post will introduce you to Tatango and WinRed and help you understand how you can use these two platforms to get the best ROI on your Republican campaign fundraising efforts. Additionally, we’ll share how we work with our political clients to maximize their donations through contributions from major donors and grassroots efforts across the United States.


What is WinRed?

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WinRed is a Conservative fundraising software endorsed by the Republican National Committee. The WinRed fundraising software was created to focus on smaller GOP text donations and help the Republican Party branch into the grassroots Republican fundraising space. WinRed took in an impressive $130 million in the first quarter of 2020.

WinRed is the ideal software for Republican candidates who wish to focus their Republican SMS fundraising efforts on grassroots donations. To maximize every Republican campaign’s ROI, the WinRed platform has partnered with Tatango to create a more streamlined and efficient Republican text fundraising process. This integration makes it possible for a Republican campaign to send an SMS message to a supporter, from which that supporter can easily donate via text message.

WinRed vs ActBlue

You may have heard of another political fundraising tool: ActBlue. WinRed is comparable to the Democratic Party’s grassroots fundraising platform, ActBlue, and was created to compete with their grassroots fundraising efforts. One significant difference between WinRed and ActBlue is that WinRed doesn’t disclose donation levels.


What is Tatango?

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Tatango is an SMS marketing platform designed to help organizations of all types effectively communicate with their desired audience through text messages. Tatango was established 13 years ago and is an SMS marketing leader that has partnered with many popular political campaigns, enterprise brands, restaurants, and nonprofit organizations to send tailored SMS campaigns to their customers.

Tatango partners with political candidates and organizations to create personalized campaigns to send the exact text messages candidates want to send their supporters. Tatango helps candidates send automated text messages directly to the mobile device of every subscriber who has opted in to receive text messages. Text messages are opened quickly and are not at risk of ending up in a junk folder, as often happens with email promotions. With text messages, your most urgent messages and reminders are sent straight to your supporters’ mobile devices.

SMS marketing helps your campaign control the message entirely. Because SMS software has no censorship, you can speak to your supporters without any risk or fear. The Tatango platform is simple to use, so your campaign staff can focus on crafting compelling messages that help boost grassroots WinRed donations. Our platform and dedicated political texting experts take care of the rest. This combination has helped our political clients earn $5 of donations for every $1 they’ve invested in our platform.


WinRed and Tatango Software Integration

Our text messaging software experts have partnered with the WinRed platform to integrate the two products and bring even more value to our GOP clients. This integration makes it possible for Republican candidates and organizations to send targeted text message campaigns to their supporters and allow supporters to donate directly to the candidate’s campaign via text message.

This Conservative text messaging integration is seamless and doesn’t require any additional back-end coding for our Republican clients. This WinRed SMS software integration lets campaign communications teams focus on messaging that will help grassroots donations skyrocket! A targeted message is sent to a campaign supporter, and if they wish to donate, it will be captured and processed within the WinRed software.

Republican text messaging is a great way to enable grassroots support. It’s personal and goes directly to your supporters’ mobile devices. SMS messages allow political campaigns to speak openly and honestly to each individual without fear of censorship of any kind. This ensures that donations, both large and small, are collected to help secure an election victory.


GOP Grassroots Fundraising Success

The Tatango texting platform is invested in our Republican clients’ grassroots fundraising success, which is precisely why we seamlessly integrate with the WinRed software. Our team’s dedicated Republican texting campaign consultant will be your liaison for your Conservative SMS campaigns. We help ensure that your organization is compliant with all text message marketing regulations so you get your text message grassroots fundraising efforts started on the right foot—that is, click.

Your dedicated SMS marketing consultant will guide you in creating captivating campaigns to build a database of registered Republican cell phone numbers. Once you have a database of phone numbers, also known as subscribers, you can begin crafting campaigns that will help boost grassroots donations.

The Tatango platform allows you to segment your audience into groups and create campaigns tailored to specific subscriber demographics. Not all causes resonate with all individuals. With Tatango, you can share your stance on various policies with the groups that care about those issues. Our integration with WinRed gives your audiences the opportunity to financially support the issues they care about most.

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Tatango makes it easy for you to run multiple campaigns to your segmented audiences at one time—even if you have no technology experience. You can streamline your campaigns by scheduling out messages days, weeks, and even months in advance. Additionally, you can create custom messages based on actions a subscriber has taken. For example, if you send a message about fundraising and a subscriber donates using the WinRed integration, they’ll instantly receive a thank-you message!

Political Fundraising with WinRed and Tatango - Messaging Workflows

Our goal at Tatango is to ensure you get the greatest return on your SMS marketing investment. Our data and analytics tools help you closely examine what messaging works and what may need some fine-tuning. You can create and export custom reports to share with your team easily. Through the power of data and reporting, you can make changes as needed to help further boost and grow your grassroots fundraising efforts.

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Start Political Fundraising Today

Our SMS marketing and political texting experts are standing by! We’d love to learn about your political campaign and share with you how the Tatango platform can efficiently help you bring your message to the American people. Tatango makes text marketing simple and easy to help you effectively communicate with your supporters.

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