Political SMS Marketing

Political SMS Fundraising with NationBuilder and Tatango

Political SMS Fundraising with NationBuilder & Tatango

Raising funds for a political campaign has never been more important. Races are close, elections are competitive, and every dollar counts. Text message marketing enables political candidates, groups, and organizations to engage directly with supporters, update subscribers about important campaign news, and amass donations from grassroots donors. Tatango, the leading political SMS software provider, integrates with several political fundraising tools and customer relationship management tools (CRMs) to make political fundraising as easy, successful, and budget-friendly as possible. In this blog post, learn about Tatango’s integration with NationBuilder, a political CRM, to provide the most cost-effective way to raise donations through SMS marketing.


What Is Tatango?

Tatango is a text message marketing platform that enables political candidates and organizations to send, measure, manage, and optimize their text message marketing campaigns. Tatango has been the industry leader in text message marketing software for over 13 years, helping political organizations quintuple donations, increase voter turnout, and share critical campaign updates in real time. The average political organization sees a $5 return for every $1 spent with Tatango.

Political Fundraising with Tatango


What Is NationBuilder?

NationBuilder is a political CRM that powers organizations, movements, and campaigns. Through NationBuilder, you can manage a website, customer database, communications, fundraising, and social media in a fully integrated platform. NationBuilder works with all sides of the political spectrum, making its tool available to everyone regardless of race, age, class, religion, educational background, ideology, gender, sexual orientation, or political party.

Political SMS Fundraising with NationBuilder & Tatango


How NationBuilder Compares to Other Political Fundraising Software

Several CRMs and fundraising tools exist in the political arena. Here’s how NationBuilder compares to the most popular political fundraising platforms:

  • NationBuilder vs. ActBlue: NationBuilder is a political CRM, whereas ActBlue is Democratic fundraising software. A CRM manages additional aspects of political campaign organization beyond fundraising.
  • NationBuilder vs. EveryAction: Both NationBuilder and EveryAction are CRM tools. EveryAction is more oriented toward right-leaning campaigns on the political spectrum, while NationBuilder helps leaders, organizations, and movements of all political parties power their campaigns with budget-friendly pricing.
  • NationBuilder vs. Anedot: NationBuilder is a cost-effective political CRM, whereas Anedot is a donation platform for smaller campaigns on the right.


NationBuilder Reviews

NationBuilder enables every American to make a difference through small-dollar donations. The following are just a few NationBuilder reviews from other clients.

“Using NationBuilder, we were able to recruit new volunteers, make more GOTV phone calls than ever before… and, for the first time, send text reminders to urge people to get to the polls.”
— Amanda Melillo, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at New York City Campaign Finance Board, NationBuilder review

“Having NationBuilder is key because you just can’t track all your relationships and their complete histories in a spreadsheet. When you have multiple people working on a project, having one place where all of that information is kept up to date is really important.”
— Dahvi Wilson, Vice President of Public Affairs at Apex Clean Energy, NationBuilder review

“We picked NationBuilder because we wanted to be the tech-savvy campaign. We have a really interesting candidate… so our strategy was to get that message out there as many ways as we could in its purest form.”
— Zach Graumann, Campaign Manager for Andrew Yang 2020, NationBuilder review


How Does NationBuilder Integrate with Tatango?

To send out your text message quickly and reliably, Tatango works with some of the best and most effective political CRMs, including NationBuilder.

Tatango integrates with NationBuilder so that whenever a new subscriber signs up to receive text messages, the subscriber automatically syncs with the NationBuilder database. Using Tatango’s NationBuilder SMS software integration, political campaigns can track opens, engagement, subscriptions, replies, and donations.

As a political candidate or organization, it’s important to scale your efforts without the wrong tool getting in the way or costing more than it actually earns. You have a world to change, and we’re here to help you do it. With the integration of Tatango and NationBuilder, you’ll get the most results out of your text messaging campaigns.


Benefits of Using NationBuilder and Tatango Together

Below are just a few benefits of fundraising with NationBuilder and Tatango.

With NationBuilder and Tatango, you can:

  • Raise donations for a political campaign. In a recent internal study at Tatango, we found that for every dollar invested in building and operating a texting program, campaigns net $5 in donations on average.
  • Increase supporter engagement. The average American checks their phone more than 52 times per day. While other marketing channels, like social media and email marketing, are useful tools for communicating with supporters, text messages have a 209 percent higher response rate than email, phone calls, and even social media. Text message marketing is the ideal channel to engage with voters in real time.
  • Recruit and organize volunteers. Data shows 83 percent of SMS messages are read within 90 seconds of receipt. When a key campaign event coming up or you need to mobilize your base, there’s no better channel than text message marketing. A political campaign can also use collected information such as demographics and location data to send bulk messages about volunteer opportunities and updates about upcoming events in their area to specific segments of their subscriber database.
  • Remind supporters to vote. Research by Tech for Campaigns showed that people reached by SMS texting were one percent more likely to vote. One percent may not look like much, but it can make a significant difference in a close race. This same research found that people who responded to messages were 9.6 percent more likely to vote. Those who received information via text about issues related to a candidate or district were also 8.2 percent more likely to vote.


Rock the Vote with NationBuilder and Tatango

Ready to get started with political SMS fundraising? Here are a few tools to get you going:

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