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Political Mobile Fundraising with Anedot and Tatango

Political Mobile Fundraising with Anedot and Tatango

According to a survey commissioned by Mitto, one-third of Americans say campaign text messages impacted their 2020 voting decision. Of 1,000 Americans surveyed, 31 percent reported that a campaign text message influenced them to vote in the general election, and 26 percent were influenced to donate to a candidate or political party. SMS marketing proved to be a valuable asset in the 2020 election by helping campaigns gather support and raise funds while observing COVID-19 safety precautions.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce the donation platform Anedot and the SMS marketing platform Tatango. Additionally, we’ll share how the two platforms integrate to create a smooth and easy text message donation process for Republican campaign candidates.

Political donations are a vital part of a the campaign process, helping a candidate’s message reach and impact more Americans. The well-being and the future of the American people are at the heart of every election. But without proper funding, it’s difficult to have important discussions and get urgent messaging out to voters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person events, meetings, and conversations moved to the digital arena.

Prioritizing the American people’s safety, many Republican candidates relied on text messages to have vital conversations with their constituents. SMS messaging is a simple and effective way to communicate with supporters. It’s less formal than email, which helps the message resonate better and create a more intimate space for conversations about important issues.

SMS messages won’t go through a spam filter and get sorted into a spam folder. The most urgent campaign updates arrive quickly on the mobile devices of your Republican subscribers.



What is Anedot?

Anedot is a fundraising platform designed to gather donations for political campaigns, schools, churches, and other nonprofits. The software allows unlimited donation pages for any campaign or event. It utilizes simple drag-and-drop functionalities to quickly and easily build each page. Every Anedot account includes text-to-give functionality at no extra cost. This solution also includes powerful reporting tools to ensure that your campaign has the most up-to-date information in real-time.

As a privately owned organization, Anedot’s primary focus is on privacy and security. The platform ensures that supporters can send their donations in the safest way possible with no data breaches. Anedot is committed to privacy and doesn’t sell, share, or trade any data.


How Anedot Compares to Other Political Fundraising Software

Anedot is similar to some of the well-known fundraising platforms like NationBuilder, WinRed, EveryAction, and ActBlue.

  • Anedot vs. NationBuilder: NationBuilder is a cost-effective political CRM. Unlike NationBuilder, Anedot does not charge any monthly fees.
  • Anedot vs. WinRed: WinRed is donation-getting software on the right. Anedot is similar to WinRed in that it is popular with right-leaning campaigns, but Anedot is nonpartisan and serves customers from other industries.
  • Anedot vs. EveryAction: Anedot differs from EveryAction in that EveryAction is a marketing and compliance tool for left-leaning campaigns of all sizes. The Anedot solution is ideal campaigns of all sizes and any party affiliation.
  • Anedot vs. ActBlue: ActBlue is donation-getting software for every campaign on the left, whereas Anedot is focused on all sides of the political spectrum.


Anedot Reviews: What Are Clients Saying About Anedot?

Anedot is highly reviewed by political groups and organizations. Below is an Anedot review:

“One reason I believe our giving increased when we switched from PayPal to Anedot is the fact that Anedot allowed us to carry our branding over so you still feel like you are within our website. You have our logo, our colors, etc. I also love that the developers are continuing to enhance the product.”
– Brandon J., MacTech Coordinator, Anedot Review

Anedot Logo


What Is Tatango?

Tatango is an SMS marketing platform designed to help organizations maximize their ROI and meet their goals using automated text messages. Tatango has been the industry leader for the past 13 years, with the best security, send speeds, and customer support response times in the industry. Additionally, the Tatango solution is easy to use and doesn’t require tech knowledge.

We understand that every industry is different, and because of this, we have dedicated political text messaging specialists who work with all of our political clients. We also understand that ROI is particularly important to our political clients, and we do everything we can to help you achieve your goals through our software.

On average, Tatango’s political clients saw an ROI of $5 in donations for every $1 spent on text message marketing. Our product yields such high results because we allow you to segment your subscriber audience and tailor your messages directly to each unique voter demographic. Tatango makes it easy to run multiple text message campaigns at once, ensuring the right message reaches the right voter. Additionally, our data and reporting let you take an in-depth look at how your campaigns are performing and adjust the messaging accordingly.

We’ve been in the industry for over 13 years and have built relationships with other software providers to help our clients get the best product experience. The Tatango product integrates with the Anedot fundraising solution to offer our clients of all sizes the best SMS fundraising experience on the market.

Political Fundraising with Tatango


How Does Anedot Integrate with Tatango?

Our political text message marketing experts have partnered with the Anedot platform to integrate the two products. This integration allows Tatango and Anedot users to utilize the technology seamlessly.

For example, if you’re sending a text message campaign tailored to raise funds for a specific event, you can do so seamlessly through the integration. You’ll send the text message through Tatango and receive and access donated funds within the Anedot platform.

Not only does this help your supporters save time, but it also saves time for your campaign staff and volunteers. This integration’s goal is to streamline your fundraising efforts and help improve your ROI.


Let’s Talk Messaging!

At Tatango, we pride ourselves on offering a great product and excellent customer service. We built our product, so our clients don’t have to focus on the technological process—it’s extremely easy to use. We want you to focus on your messaging, and we’ll take care of everything else.

We understand that your political campaign is multifaceted, and we want to ensure you can focus on creating custom text messages for each unique demographic. We’d love to learn about your campaign and your fundraising goals. Reach out to us anytime and schedule a time to talk to one of our SMS text message marketing experts.

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