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Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging (Why Tatango Wins)

Mar 09, 2021

Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging Why Tatango Wins

Signing a contract with a mobile messaging software provider can be nerve-racking! The options seem to be increasing by the day, and making a decision that you won’t regret within months seems almost impossible. Before you embark on demos and a plethora of sales calls, outline what type of organization you want to work with, keeping in mind your company’s unique needs and the standards you seek in your vendors.

Also, outline the specific features within an SMS marketing solution that your organization needs and wants. Depending on your budget, consider what’s a higher priority to your organization and what’s negotiable. Be sure to outline exactly what you’re looking for and what you don’t want before starting the sales calls.

One of the best ways to determine which mobile messaging solution is right for your organization is to compare solutions. Making comparisons will help you see what’s important and what you might not want in a provider. To eliminate some of the stress of choosing the right SMS messaging technology for your organization, we’ve created this blog post that compares our product, Tatango, to Upland Mobile Messaging. We hope you find this information helpful as you do your due diligence.


About Upland Mobile Messaging

Upland Mobile Messaging is a text messaging software built to drive engagement. Upland Mobile Messaging strives to help their customers reach their audiences and motivate them to take action.

Upland Mobile Messaging is part of the Upland Software family. Upland Software services seven functional areas of business and offers 27 different products to support these areas. Upland Mobile Messaging has acquired a few other SMS providers including Waterfall, HipCricket, and Mobile Commons.


About Tatango

Tatango is the industry’s leading provider of SMS marketing software created to help political candidates and organizations meet their text message communication goals. This robust solution provides organizations the ability to build out targeted SMS marketing campaigns, segment audiences, and analyze data to get the best ROI on their marketing investment.

Tatango has been solely focused on SMS marketing for over 13 years and has worked with political candidates, organizations, and nonprofits to help them get important updates out in real-time, win elections, connect with followers, increase voter turnout, and fundraise for their campaigns.


Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging

Tatango and Upland Mobile Messaging seem very similar on the surface, but there are some notable differences between the two technology providers. These differences don’t make one technology better or worse than the other; it merely means that one may be a better fit for an organization depending on the organization’s needs. So, take out your list of must-haves, and let’s take a closer look at Tatango and Upland Mobile Messaging.


Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging: Industry Expertise

Since Tatango first emerged 13 years ago, we have been focused on SMS marketing and have been continuously building and improving our one and only product. As a result, we can focus on making our software the best in the industry. As an organization, everyone at Tatango strives to make the best possible product and provide our clients with an unmatched user experience. We have worked with political candidates across both sides of the aisle, helping some of the biggest names in politics win tight races.

Upland Mobile Messaging is a multinational company that focuses on seven different industries and offers over 27 types of products. Although Upland is a very successful company and has built a lot of impressive technology, it doesn’t focus on a single industry and product. Changing priorities within a technology company may be frustrating for some organizations. At Tatango, our top priority is always SMS marketing technology.



Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging: Speed

As we focus on just one product, the Tatango SMS marketing software can perform 33 times faster than its closest competitor. Speed should be of particular importance to organizations that plan to send a high volume of text messages to a large number of subscribers. Tatango can send 100,000 texts per minute and 6 million texts per hour. Political candidates and organizations often need to get important campaign updates out immediately—even a day or week can make a massive difference on the campaign trail. You can’t risk having a text message you sent out in the morning get to some of your followers later that night due to slow technology or bottle-necked send speeds.

Just like email, the specific time of day you send your text messages matters. It’s important to talk to any SMS marketing software provider about their speed capabilities to ensure your campaigns don’t suffer due to outdated technology.



Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging: Reliability

Did you know that laws established by the  Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) dictate how organizations are to communicate via autodialer text messages? Organizations that fail to comply with these laws risk having to pay hefty legal fees of up to $1,500 per text message—per recipient. Additionally, the CTIA, which represents the wireless carriers, has guidelines that SMS marketers must follow. Organizations that don’t abide by these guidelines can have their short code suspended by the wireless carriers, disrupting their campaigns when it matters most.

SMS marketing software providers that don’t prioritize compliance are passing the liability on to their clients. At Tatango, we’re always up to date on all compliance regulations and the latest industry guidelines, ensuring the deliverability of every SMS message while staying in full compliance with the TCPA.


Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging: Customer Service

As a technology company that wholly focuses on SMS marketing, everyone on staff at Tatango is an SMS marketing expert. We actively focus on educating our team on industry best practices to help our clients stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, every Tatango client works closely with a success manager who will answer the client’s SMS marketing or product-related questions and help the client create SMS marketing campaigns and analyze their data to improve ROI.

In fact, one of the things our clients love most about us in surveys is our customer support. One client recently said:

“It’s easy to reach the executives. You don’t get that with every company. We can message them on the side, share feature suggestions.”

With a company like Upland Software, due to its 27 types of technology offerings spanning seven industries, finding an industry expert or even getting in touch with the right customer service representative can be a long process, as the organization has many different clients.

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango


Tatango vs. Upland Mobile Messaging: Security

Technology brings with it a wealth of data and can store many data points on each of your subscribers. This data is extremely helpful when examining your campaign’s health and creating new campaigns based on variations within your audience.

This wealth of data also comes with high levels of security risk. Your customers rely on you to keep their data safe (often including personal financial information), and we know you rely on us to do the same. For over 13 years, we’ve been perfecting our SMS marketing platform to ensure our clients’ data is safe, secure, and never at risk of any breaches. The Tatango solution has the highest level of security in the SMS marketing industry.

Tatango-has-the-highest-level-of-security-in-the-SMS-marketing (1)


Learn More About Tatango

We hope the information in this blog post helped you with your SMS marketing software due diligence. If you have additional questions about Tatango, we invite you to speak to an SMS marketing software expert.

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