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MMS Marketing Now Available at Tatango

Tatango MMS Marketing

We’re excited to have recently launched the last component of our MMS marketing functionality at Tatango, and now are able to provide our clients the full suite of MMS marketing tools.

With Tatango, clients are now able to send any type of MMS marketing message, including images, GIF’s, and even videos to their mobile subscribers. This is big news, as 86% of enterprise businesses have used, or are planning on using MMS marketing in the future.

Why is MMS marketing so popular among brands? Besides for the fact that adding an image, GIF or video is a great way to make your messaging campaign more interesting, MMS marketing campaigns produces phenomenal returns. For example, click here to see how retailer Avenue generated a 6,600% return on investment from their MMS marketing campaign.

Need some ideas or inspiration from other brands that are already using MMS marketing? Check out the three brands below and how they’re using MMS marketing to better engage their mobile subscribers.

Interested in upgrading your existing SMS short code to be able to support MMS marketing, or want to start a brand new MMS marketing campaign from scratch? Contact the MMS marketing experts at Tatango today by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have an MMS marketing campaign that you’d love to see features here on the Tatango blog? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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