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GIF Images Now Supported by Tatango

GIF Images Now Supported by Tatango
We’re excited to announce that GIF images are now supported by Tatango. This is the second phase of our rollout of MMS marketing functionality for our clients, with the first phase of the rollout giving Tatango customers the ability to send images to their mobile subscribers.

GIF images can be used for a variety of purposes in text message marketing. Brands can use GIF images in their text message marketing to display new products, and even display animated promotions/coupons.

Interested in sending GIF’s to your mobile subscribers? If so, it’s important that you create your GIF’s based on the following specifications. This will ensure the GIF images that are received by your mobile subscribers are of the highest quality, and they function the way you want them to. For more information on sending MMS marketing messages using Tatango, click here.

  • Animated images should be in .gif format.
  • Because of file size limitations, we do not allow the use of tall images because the image file size is usually too large. Instead we use wide images, which are smaller in file size, but will result in some empty space above and below the image on the mobile phone.
  • For animated GIFs, you should stick with either 480×320(hvga) or 480×480(square) sizes.
  • The most important part is to keep the animated image under 500Kb. If you exceed 500kb, you’ll be significantly decreasing the amount of mobile phones that will be able to display the animated image properly.
  • When creating the animated image, you do not want the animation too quick or video-ish, because the more layers that are including in the image, the larger the file size will be. We recommend creating your animated image with frame speed no faster than one every half second.
  • Animated images should have no transparency.
  • Unlike the use of static images, Tatango does not transcode the file size of animated images, and the only adjustments made before being presented to a user on a mobile phone is that we’ll scale the width of the animated image to meet the edges of the space available when opened.

If you’re an existing Tatango client that is interested in MMS marketing, and sending GIF images to your mobile subscribers, contact your account manager to learn how to enable this functionality. Not yet a Tatango client, and want to explore the ability to send GIF images to your customers? Contact us today to discuss the many MMS marketing options Tatango offers it’s clients.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to the Tatango blog, as we’ll soon be rolling out the third phase of our MMS marketing functionality, which will allow our clients the ability to send video messages to their mobile subscribers. Want more information about integrating video into your text message marketing strategy, contact us to learn more.

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