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Image Attachments for Text Message Marketing

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With a 99% open rate and an average click-through rate of 36%, it makes sense to spice up your text message marketing with richer content, such as images, for example.


How It Works

The first step when attaching an image to one of your text messages is to create the text message in Tatango’s software. With our software, you can attach an image to any text message, whether it’s an SMS autoresponder or a mass text message.

Attaching an image to one of your text messages is relatively simple with Tatango’s SMS marketing software. While Tatango uses an advanced system to ensure your image looks fabulous on over 100 different mobile devices, it’s critical that the image you upload is in the right format and appropriately sized. When creating an image for your text message, we recommend you use the JPEG (or JPG) format and make sure the file is no larger than 400 kb.

While the image format and file size are important, so are the dimensions. When uploading an image attachment to one of your text messages, make sure the width of the image is 640 pixels, and the height of the image is 1,138 pixels (640 x 1138).

SMS marketing

Once your image is uploaded and attached to a specific text message, all that’s left for you to do is send the text message. When you send a text message with an image attachment through Tatango, some pretty cool magic happens behind the scenes to ensure that Tatango is sending the appropriate size image for each of your subscriber’s mobile phones. How do we do this? Before we actually send the message, Tatango identifies the phone type of each of your SMS subscribers.

When each subscriber’s phone type is identified, Tatango uses that information to adjust the image size of each text message attachment, making sure each recipient receives an image attachment that’s perfectly sized for their phone. Once the image is sized correctly for each subscriber’s mobile phone, Tatango sends both the SMS message and the image attachment to each subscriber. As you can see in the image above, the results are pretty phenomenal and sure to delight your mobile subscribers.

Want to learn more about attaching images to your text messages? Contact the team at Tatango.

If you have any other questions about SMS marketing, feel free to browse our website. We’ve dedicated a lot of time to building a comprehensive SMS marketing resource for your benefit, and it’s all right here at your fingertips.

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