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Bernie Sanders’ Text Message Promotes App Downloads

Bernie Sanders

Are you feeling the Bern? If so, you most likely received a text message from Bernie Sanders late last week, promoting his new text messaging app, Bernie Messenger. The app is a first of its kind for a presidential candidate and allows Bernie Sanders supporters that ability to send official text messages from the campaign to any contact in their phone’s address book.

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The text message promoting the new app was sent at 11:15 AM PST, and read: Download our app: Bernie Messenger! You can send official actions from the campaign to your contacts. Click to install on iOS & Android. http://bernie.to/MsgApp A screengrab of Bernie Sanders’ text message is below.

Bernie Sanders Text Message

When someone clicked on the app download link in the text message, they were taken to a mobile website for Bernie Messenger. Once on the mobile website, the user could choose to download the iOS version of the app, or the Android version. A screengrab of this page is below for you to see.

Bernie Sanders Mobile App Download

While it’s common nowadays for brands to use text messaging to increase app downloads, this is a first for any presidential candidate that we’re aware of at Tatango. For some examples of brands using text messaging to increase app downloads, be sure to check out the following posts on the Tatango blog.

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Oh, yeah… Want to download Bernie Messenger, his new text messaging app? You can download the iOS version of Bernie Messenger and the Android version of Bernie Messenger.

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