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Bernie Sanders Launches New Text Messaging App

Bernie Sanders Messenger App

Bernie Sanders just launched his very own text messaging app, named Bernie Messenger. This is a first for any of the 2016 presidential candidates, and a sign of how important text messaging has become to political candidates in a world where every voter has a mobile phone.

It’s no surprise though that this presidential candidate is using text messaging to communicate with voters, as a recent poll found that one in five voters said the best way to reach them was with a text message. That’s exactly what Bernie Sanders has been doing, starting out by encouraging supporters to join his campaign by texting WORK to the short code 82623, which gained him nearly 50,000 new mobile subscribers. After building up a significant mobile subscriber base, Bernie Sanders then launched his own political text message donation campaign, allowing supporters to make a donation directly to their wireless phone bill. Now he’s using text messaging yet again, this time to use existing supporters to spread his message… Or more accurately, his text message.

Bernie Messenger is available on both iOS & Android operating systems. You can download the iOS version, and the Android version.

So how does the Bernie Sanders text messaging app work? Let us show you below.

When you download the Bernie Messenger app to your mobile phone, you’re presented with a few different actions. As you can see in the mobile screenshot below and on the left, today’s actions are 1) Register voters in California, 2) Invite friends to volunteer, or 3) Invite to install Bernie Messenger. In the mobile screenshot below, you’ll notice that each action has an expiration date. When you click on a specific action, you’re taken to a different mobile page (see below – right side), which asks you to select a specific contact from your mobile phone’s address book, then to select a text message.

Bernie Messenger App Homepage  Bernie Sanders Messenger App - Select Contact

Once you’ve selected a contact from your mobile phone’s address book, Bernie Messenger then prompts you to select a text message, as you can see in the mobile screenshot below on the left. For each of the actions, Bernie Messenger gives you a few different text messaging options to select from. You can see the text messaging options below in the mobile screenshot on the right.

Bernie Sanders Messenger App - Select Message Bernie Sanders Messenger App - Select Text Message

When a user clicks on one of the text messages, the app automatically re-directs the user to the phone’s text messaging application. When re-directed, both the contact and text message you selected are already pre-populated into the message, as you can see below. The only thing left for someone to do now is click “Send”.

Bernie Sanders Text Message Example 2

Below are some of the other pre-composed text messages that can be created from the Bernie Messenger app. Try the Bernie Messenger app for yourself, by downloading the iOS version, or the Android version.

Bernie Sanders Text Message Example 5 Bernie Sanders Text Message Example 4

Bernie Sanders Text Message Example 1 Bernie Sanders Text Message Example 3

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