SMS Marketing Best Practices

When to Avoid Sending Text Message Promotions

Do you know the best times to send text message promotions to your customers? With text message marketing having open rates of 99%, it’s usually pretty common practice to send text message promotions to customers not too much in advance of a specific promotion. This is because you don’t want too much time to pass between when the subscriber receives the text message promotion, and when the redemption window for that specific promotion is open. What about when not to send a text message promotion to your SMS subscribers?

We recommend not sending text message promotions to SMS subscribers at the top of the hour? Why? This is usually when other brands send their text message promotions. Why does that matter? It’s pretty simple, you don’t want your text message promotion getting ignored because the wireless subscriber received a barrage of other promotions at the same time. You can see an example of this below, where in the course of a few minutes after 10:00AM, I received three back-to-back text message promotions from different brands. You can see how if your brand sent me a text message promotion during this time, the impact of your specific promotion would be decreased.

Text Messaging Promotions

Looking for more info on when the best times to send SMS marketing messages to your customers is? Usually a good indicator is the opt-out rates at different times during the day. Did you know that for retail SMS marketing, you can expect an opt-out rate of 8.5% when you send text message promotion on the weekend, which is significantly higher than when you send text message promotions during the week. During the week, the average opt-out rate for retail text message marketing campaigns is only 1.8%. 

This isn’t much different than the text message marketing opt-out rates experienced by restaurants. On average, restaurant that sent text message promotions on the weekend had a 4.75% opt out rate, where restaurants that sent text message promotions on weekdays only had a 1.85% opt out rate.

On a side note, are interested in sending your SMS promotions at the same time, but in different timezones? If so, check out this feature that Tatango offers that can do just this!

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