SMS Marketing Statistics

Average SMS Marketing Churn Rate Explained

What’s the average opt out rate for a retail SMS marketing campaign? Thankfully our friends analyzed 1,180 SMS campaigns sent by retailers, over the course of 450 days to find the answer.

As you can see from the nifty infographic below, the average opt out rate was just over 37 subscribers (3.7%) for every thousand text messages sent. What’s crazy though is the difference between the opt out rates for SMS campaigns sent during the week and SMS campaigns sent during the weekend. On average the opt out rate during the week was only 18 (1.8%) subscribers for every thousand text messages, while it was a staggering 85 (8.5%) subscribers on the weekends.

This means that text messages sent during the weekend are on average going to receiving almost 5 times the amount of opt outs, when compared to text messages sent during the week. Crazy!

Just FYI, the average Cellit retail SMS campaign in the study was 40,868 subscribers, with a minimum of 497 and a maximum of 174,930. If you want more information on how to opt out of an SMS campaign, watch this video.

SMS Marketing Statistics

Want to decrease the amount of opt outs for your own retail SMS campaign? Watch the following video on how to create an effective SMS promotion and start seeing your opt outs decrease today.

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