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Hidden Valley Launches SMS Marketing Campaign

When we talk to brands here at Tatango about launching a text message marketing campaign, a frequent question we get asked is where should the brand be promoting their campaign? Our answer is always everywhere, but it’s nice to have a really good example of a brand that is taking our advice when promoting their text message marketing campaign.

Hidden Valley Ranch recently launched a text message marketing campaign to send parents simple food ideas, recipes and activities. What’s really impressive is the many different places around the web that this brand is promoting their campaign. You can see them promoting their campaign on their website, where they’re encouraging parents to text RANCH to 40679 to enroll in the text messaging program. They didn’t stop there though…

Hidden Valley Twist on Tonight SMS Marketing

Hidden Valley Ranch has been advertising their text messaging program for parents in videos posted to their Facebook fan page.

Hidden Valley Twist on Tonight Text Message Marketing

They’re also using images posted to their Facebook fan page to promote the text message marketing program for Hidden Valley Ranch, as you can see below.

Hidden Valley SMS Marketing Example

Hidden Valley Ranch has even create a specific page on their Facebook fan page, encouraging parents to enter their mobile phone number to opt-in to receive Hidden Valley text messages. You can visit this page, by clicking here.

Hidden Valley Text Message Marketing

Hidden Valley Ranch is also using Twitter to promote their text messaging campaign, telling Twitter followers to text RANCH to 40679 to receive mobile tips, in addition to be entered to win $1,000!

Hidden Valley Ranch Text Message Marketing

 What happens when someone texts RANCH to 40679? Hidden Valley Ranch is running a campaign requiring an SMS double opt-in, so after someone texts RANCH to 40679, they’re asked to reply “YES” to confirm that they’d like to receive text messages from Hidden Valley Ranch. It also reminds you in the SMS double opt-in message that by replying Y, you’ll also have the chance to win that $1,000.

Hidden Valley Ranch Text Message

When you reply “YES” after texting RANCH to 40679, you’ll receive the following confirmation from Hidden Valley Ranch that you’ve been successfully opted into their text message marketing campaign, in addition to being entered to win that $1,000.

Hidden Valley Text Message

Great job Hidden Valley Ranch in using so many different internet channels to advertise your new text messaging program, keep up the good work!

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