Restaurant SMS Marketing Opt Out Statistics

What’s the average opt out rate for a restaurant SMS marketing campaign? Our good friends over at Cellit have the answer in their newest white paper entitled Best Practices in QSR Mobile Marketing Programs. If you’re interested in the average opt out rate for retail SMS marketing campaigns, see this blog post.

In their latest white paper, Cellit analyzed the data from about 9,000 restaurant SMS marketing campaigns it conducted on behalf of 125 clients over the last year. The average restaurant SMS campaign subscriber list size was 791, with a maximum of 2,275 subscribers and a minimum of 37 subscribers.

Restaurant SMS Marketing Statistics

As you can see from the nifty graph above, the average opt out rate for a restaurant SMS marketing campaign was 2.69%. That means for every 1,000 text message promotions sent, 26.9 subscribers opted out. More interesting though was the difference between opt out rates for restaurant text message promotions sent during the weekend, when compared to promotions sent on a weekday.

On average, restaurant SMS campaigns sent on a weekend had a 4.75% opt out rate, where restaurant SMS campaigns sent on a weekday only had a 1.85% opt out rate. That means restaurants that send text message promotions on a weekend will have on average 2.5 times the amount of opt outs as if they sent their text messages on a weekday.

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