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Send SMS Promotions Based on Subscriber Time Zones

Are you running SMS promotions for a national brand where your customers are located in different time zones? If so, we have a new feature at Tatango that I think you’ll be interested in hearing about. This new feature is called Time Zone Segmenting, which gives your brand the ability to deliver messages to mobile subscribers at the perfect time during the day, no matter what time zone they’re located in.

Take for example our friends at Red Robin, who want to remind their mobile subscribers about their happy hour starting at 5PM. Before Time Zone Segmenting, Red Robin would send out their happy hour reminder at 1PM PT, which would arrive as late as 4PM ET on some of their subscriber’s mobile phones. Receiving an SMS reminder about happy hour from Red Robin at 1PM is perfect timing for mobile subscribers on the west coast, as it gives those subscribers enough time to plan out the rest of their day, but it’s too late as a reminder for mobile subscribers on the east coast, as it’s already 4PM.

Sending SMS Based on Time Zones

That’s why we launched Time Zone Segmenting, allowing your brand to send SMS promotions based on your time zone, or the time zone of each of your mobile subscribers. As you can see below, Red Robin has selected to send their SMS promotion at 1PM. Instead of sending it based on Red Robin’s time zone (Pacific Time), meaning subscribers would receive this SMS message at varied times depending on what time zone they’re in (1PM PT, 2PM MT, 3PM CT and 4PM ET), they’ve decided to leverage the power of Tatango’s new Time Zone Segmenting feature. This feature guarantees that their SMS message arrives on every mobile phone at 1PM (4 hours before happy hour), no matter what time zone the mobile subscriber is located in.

Send SMS Messages Time Zone Feature

By using Time Zone Segmenting, your SMS promotions will arrive on subscriber’s mobile phones at just the right time, no matter where they’re located, which will help increase opens, click-throughs, and most importantly redemption rates, as a perfectly timed message can have a significant impact on all of these metrics.


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