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4 Incredible Text For Restaurants Templates

Restaurants are a unique and diverse industry that sees incredible results from creative text message marketing strategies. For example, when Taco Bell launched its SMS campaign, they received 13,000 opt-ins within just the first five weeks. And Pizza Hut found that text message marketing generated 142% more incremental sales than other marketing channels.

But the SMS strategies available can seem endless, so we made it easy. Simply use one of the four SMS marketing templates below, and you are on your way to creating impactful text messaging campaigns for restaurants. We even included a “fill in the blank” option for easy use.

If you want a complete breakdown of Restaurant SMS Marketing, please check out our comprehensive master post on the subject!


Text for Restaurants: 4 Quick & Easy Fill-in-the-Blank Templates


1. Save-More SMS Campaign

This SMS promotion drives traffic to your restaurant with a simple discount offered.

“Show this text for  ___ off  _____________________  . EXP __ /__”

Text For Restaurants - Save-More SMS Coupon


2. Spend-More SMS Campaign

Use this promotion when you would like to increase your per order total. Within your restaurant text message marketing campaigns, detail the amount that you want customers to spend, and offer a reward.

“Show this text for _____  when you spend more than _____. EXP __ /__”

Text For Restaurants - Spend-More SMS Coupon


3. Buy-More SMS Campaign

Use this promotion to increase the number of items that a restaurant customer buys. Encourage additional purchases per order, and reward customers for buying more.

“Show this text for ______   when you purchase _____.  EXP __ /__”

Text For Restaurants - Buy-More SMS Coupon


4. Get-More SMS Campaign

If your restaurant has a popular item that has high profit margins, encourage your customers to buy multiple amounts of this item by rewarding them with an additional item for free or at a reduced cost.

“Show this text for __ free ______ when you purchase  __. EXP __ /__”

Text For Restaurants - Get-More SMS Coupon

Hopefully these text for restaurant templates above will come in handy when creating your own restaurant SMS campaigns. Additionally, check out Tatango’s restaurant SMS marketing resources below. These resources are free and will help your restaurant SMS campaign become even more successful.

For more examples, check out these restaurant text message marketing examples.


Restaurant SMS Marketing Resources

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