4 Incredible Text For Restaurants Templates

Tatango works with all types of different restaurant clients and has put together this resource for people to use when creating text for restaurants. While there are unlimited possibilities when creating text for restaurants, there are four general promotion concepts that can be used for restaurant SMS marketing. Below are examples of the four different types of text for restaurants that can be used. You will also find a nice little fill in the blank template under each example.


Save-More SMS Campaign
This SMS promotion drives traffic to your restaurant with a simple discount offered.

Texts For Restaurants - Save More

Show this text for  ___ off  _____________________  . EXP _/__


Spend-More SMS Campaign
Use this promotion when you would like your customers to spend a certain amount of money at your restaurant, then reward them with some sort of incentive to do so.

Texts For Restaurants - Spend More

Show this text for _____  when you spend more than _____. EXP _/__


Buy-More SMS Campaign
Use this promotion to increase the amount of items a customer buys during a meal at your restaurant. Encourage additional purchases and reward the customer for doing so.

Texts For Restaurants - Buy More

Show this text for ______   when you purchase _____.  EXP _/__


Get-More SMS Campaign
If your restaurant has a popular item that has high profit margins, encourage your customers to buy multiple amount of this item and reward them with an additional item for free or at a reduced cost.

Texts For Restaurants - Get More

Show this text for __ free ______ when you purchase  __. EXP _/__


Hopefully the templates above will come in handy when creating your own text for restaurants. Also, be sure to check out Tatango’s SMS marketing resources below specifically made for restaurants. These resources are free and will help your restaurant SMS campaign be successful.


Restaurant SMS Marketing Best Practices for Alcohol
Are you thinking about launching text restaurants around alcohol? Before you send your first SMS campaign, be sure to review the Mobile Marketing Association‘s five rules regarding the promotion of alcohol in SMS marketing.

SMS Campaign – New York Pizza Restaurant
I recently was in the bathroom @ New York Pizza in Bellingham, WA and while I was washing my hands look what I saw. This is a great advertisement for an SMS campaign and brings up a few key points when advertising your own SMS campaign.

Restaurant SMS Marketing Coupons
Last week I was speaking to a potential SMS marketing client that owned a coffee shop. He told me he wasn’t interested in SMS marketing because “he wasn’t interested in giving things away.” I completely understand where he’s coming from, most people think SMS campaigns are there just to give SMS coupons, like below.

Advertising Your Restaurant SMS Campaign
Because of this tactic it was no surprise that New York Pizza & Bar’s SMS campaign grew from 1 subscriber to over 1,000 subscribers in just a few months. Learn how to successfully advertise text for restaurants.


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